12 Android Apps Every Student Must Download

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12 Android Apps Every Student Must Download

Every student tries to do their best to keep their grades up, stay organized and keep their mental health in check while doing so. Technology has improved the way we learn now. You don’t have to spend hours in a library to learn (unless you want to).

Apps have made learning much easier and more fun. The conventional way of learning is so 2002. Students prefer taking notes on apps instead of textbooks because it’s so convenient. If you haven’t started tapping into the benefits of apps to improve your focus, boost productivity and stay organized, you’re missing out on the fun.

There is an app out there for every student’s needs. Let’s check them out:

1: The TV Apps for Smartphones

The TV Apps for Smartphones

TV apps are a must-have for everyone with a subscription to Cox TV packages, or any other ISP. Once you have it, you don’t need a TV to do that. All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection, and you are ready to watch your favorite content even on the go on your mobile phone.

2: LearnEnglish Grammar

This free app lets you perfect your English grammar and it’s a must-have for students. It has thousands of questions that will help you practice your grammar. LearnEnglish Grammar is highly recommended for international students who want to learn the rules of grammar.

3: EasyBib

Citing the sources while writing essays or research can be tricky, right? But the EasyBib app makes everything easy.  It converts ISBN or the barcode of the book into a well-formatted citation. Once the app has done its work, simply email the citation to yourself and add it to your research paper.

4: Quizlet

Some of us are not avid readers. We are visual learners. You can learn by looking at pictures with the Quizlet app. It lets you create your own quizzes or practice the ones made by other students.

5: Happify

This is a mindfulness app, which again is a must-have for every student. With a simple quiz, you can figure out how much stressed you are and what you feel about your life. You can also select various meditations and mindfulness activities to feel better.

6: Google Calendar

You better create a calendar to stay on track. This easy-to-use app makes it easier to schedule events, share availability, create reminders, and more.

7: Google Drive

This classic app lets you use Google’s cloud storage, which is free to store all your files in one place and make these files accessible no matter where you are.

8: TED

The extensive library of transformational videos on TED is great for curiosity. These 5-minute animation videos can take you anywhere in the world.

9: Steppingblocks

This app brings you data-driven advice on over 100 million genuine job choices to reach your full potential. Find out which companies are hiring people with your degree. Steppingblocks also lets you know how much money you’ll make five years after you graduate. It also gives suggestions on how you can customize your course with the in-demand skills.

10: Exam Vocabulary Builder

This app is perfect for learning vocabulary that is commonly seen on bachelor’s as well master’s degree exams. It also includes definitions, synonyms, and examples of how the terms can be used in sentences. It also ensures that you memorize things via quizzes and flashcards.

11: Audible

If you learn more effectively by listening rather than reading, Amazon Audible is for you. It’s also an excellent app for people who love reading books. More than 200,000 audio programs are available inside the app, spanning a wide spectrum of genres from fiction to self-development and so much more. The books can be downloaded and listened to offline. Of course, you will have to buy the audiobook to listen to it. Free exchanges are available too.

12: Mathway

This app is for those who struggle with problems in algebra, math, chemistry, trigonometry, and other subjects. Just type in your problem or take a photo and let the app be your mentor.

Final Words

There you have it, a while list of apps that can help you sift through the challenges of college and university life. These apps will help make your semester a whole lot easier!

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