4 Best Paraphrasing Apps For Students To Rephrase

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4 Best Paraphrasing Apps For Students To Rephrase

Good quality paraphrasing can help a student in many ways. So, which app is the best for it?

By 2020, Google play had over 466 million educational apps. A lot of them are about making it easier for students, and one of the leading types is paraphrasing apps. So, which paraphrasing app is the best for students today? Let’s find out. 

What is a Paraphrasing Tool/App?

Paraphrasing is a writing technique that involves changing the words and phrases in a sentence without changing the meaning. It is often used to simplify a sentence or to make it more readable. However, using an app or tool can make it much quicker and easier.

A paraphrasing app can help you with this technique by providing you all the work for you. You will just need to input your text, select the paraphrase level and click on “Paraphrase.” 

The app will generate an entirely new sentence for you which is based on your original one but has different words and phrases, making it easier to read and understand. 

There are many apps available in the Google Play Store which offer this service. Some of them are free, while others require payment for their services.

4 Best Paraphrasing Apps For Students To Rephrase

Picking a quality application requires you to test it and understand how much it can help you. But you don’t have to do that since we already did it for you. So, here is our pick for the 4 best paraphrasing apps for students:

  1. Paraphrase App by Paraphraser


Paraphraser.io provides great paraphrasing app for writers today. So, it’s only fitting that paraphraser app makes the first number on our list. There are plenty of reasons to consider this particular application.

Let’s start with the obvious; its ability to paraphrase the content in outstanding quality and quantity. The quality in which this tool rephrases your content is unmatched. Besides that, you get 5000-characters (roughly 1200 words) to work with. 

This is more than most what most free applications offer today. Besides that, you get three intriguing content modes to work with—making it our first choice for students today. 

  1. Paraphrasing Tool by Prepostseo


Prepostseo is another name that’s synonymous with outstanding educational tools, particularly the paraphrasing tool. So, there’s no wonder their paraphrase app is one of the top options in this list, as it has all the key traits you need in an app of this ilk.  

That’s why you need this app as a student because it has many intriguing options. For instance, you can create an account, log into this app, and then keep track of your paraphrasing history. Besides that, it allows you to rephrase 500-words at a time. 

Moreover, if you are willing to use the web version of this paraphrasing tool, you will get the same accurate and authentic results there.

When it comes to the online or web-based tools, this paraphrasing tool also stood in the list of best paraphrasers.

This is more than what most students would need. And it’s quick, convenient, and rephrases content with the highest quality. Making it another top choice for students today. 

  1. Paraphrase Tool by DigiTops


DigiTops may not be a famous app developer, but their Paraphrasing tool is quite the option for students today. Allowing you to rephrase an odd 900-words at a time, this tool is just right for students in 2023. 

Besides that, you can use either text, doc, or PDF files to paraphrase your text. And you can download them in the same format after you’re done paraphrasing. Besides that, the tool offers three modes, which include standard, simple, and creative.

And these are some of the factors that make it an ideal tool for students, including the fact that it’s free to use. 

  1. Noon.AI’s iParaphrase 

Noon.AI’s iParaphrase may not be as famous of a tool as the rest, but it’s equally capable. By looking at this tool’s UI, you can tell that it’s in the early phases. However, the quality of rephrased content doesn’t leave much to be desired.

In other words, despite having a very simple design, the tool is more than capable of helping students rephrase their content. 

The tool is accurate, quick, and very easy to use. Besides that, it offers an extensive word limit. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of that any time soon. Therefore, it’s not only an ideal option but also one of the best they can use in 2022. 


These are the four best paraphrasing apps that students can use today. Each one of these apps offers something unique. But they’re all equally capable of creating quality content. However, we suggest using one of the top-two options. 

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