5 Simple Steps To Make Your Username Invisible On Instagram

Instagram is an outstanding platform for various reasons. It is ideal for influencers, marketers, businesses, and brands. However, standing out on Instagram is important amidst all the competition. Therefore, using an invisible character can help you do that. But how do you do it? Let’s find out. 

Why Make Name Invisible On Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform to kick-start your marketing campaign. It’s the household for influencers and many famous people, brands, and businesses make their presence known on the platform. So, when it’s so busy, people try various methods to stand out and be unique. 

Therefore, using an invisible character can give your social media presence an edge. On Instagram, it’ll make your profile look cooler and unique. Here is how:

  • An invisible name will generate intrigue;
  • It’ll make your followers ask questions;
  • It’ll increase engagement in comments and messages.

So, it’s bound to increase your engagement when people come pouring in to ask you about the invisible name and its possibilities. That is why using an invisible character, as your username could be a good idea. 

Besides that, using an invisible character will put more attention on your bio, image, and the posts you make.

5 Simple Steps To Make Your Username Invisible On Instagram

Now that formalities are out of the way, let’s dive straight into the five-step process of changing your Instagram username to an invisible character. 

  1. Find And Use An Invisible Character Generator

The first thing you’re going to do is hop on an invisible character tool. The reason you’re going to need these type of online tools is that it helps you to create an empty character to make your Instagram profile invisible with less effort. To find the right tool, we searched on Google and picked the first invisible character from Editpad.org:

  1. Copy The Invisible Character

When we open the tool, it provides the below two methods to copy the invisible character:

  1. By clicking on the “Copy to clipboard” button
  2. Or by selecting the invisible text area

You can try any of the methods to generate and copy the empty character into your clipboard. After that, you have to move on to the next step.

  1. Sign Into Your Instagram Account

In this step, you’ll sign into your Instagram account. Make sure you sign into the right account, and that you have it verified through your email. Now, we recommend logging into your Instagram account on the PC.

Not only will you have an extensive level of settings available, but it’ll be easier for you to follow these steps too. So, log into your Instagram account through your PC.

  1. Head Into Change Username Settings

In this step, you’ll have to find the edit profile setting in your Instagram account’s settings section. Once you do, head into the username section and click on the Name option:

After that, past the invisible character that you copied from the empty character generator before. Remember; do not change the Username, as it’ll change your Instagram handle to an invisible character. You don’t want that, and Instagram may not allow it either.

  1. Save the Settings

The final step in the process is to save the settings. However, Instagram settings do not have such a button. Once you change the username, scroll all the way down to find the Submit button. 

Click on it to save the empty character as your username. 


This will change your Instagram username into an invisible character. Make sure you follow all these steps and use the right tool that’ll help you generate an invisible character. Once you follow through, your Instagram profile will have an empty/invisible username. 

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