6 Best Apps to Read Books for FREE on iOS and Android

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6 Best Apps to Read Books for FREE on iOS and Android

Do you like to read, but don’t know what the best apps are for free book reading? Do you know what options there are for downloading books that don’t cost a lot of money?

We all love to read physical books, but sometimes it can be hard to get a book, or the prices don’t allow us to buy what we want. As an alternative, there are many book reading and free reading apps available. Professionals from essay writing service EssayAssistant claim that reading books helps with writing various academic papers.

Reading books on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets is becoming more common, but which apps to use? To make your search easier, in this article we’ll tell you what the best free book reading apps are on Android and iOS. In addition, we will detail their features so that you can choose the book reading app that suits you best.

Are you ready to download books directly to your phone or tablet and get back to reading? Let yourself be captivated by the most compelling stories without compromising your bank account!

1. Kindle

We start our list of the best free book reading apps with one of the most popular: Kindle. This free book reader is not only suitable for those who have invested in a Kindle tablet, but also for those who have an Android or iOS device, as it can be downloaded regardless of whether it is a cell phone or tablet.

In addition to being one of the best book reading apps for Android, the Amazon app gives users access to a large library of digital books that can be downloaded for free.

Kindle is one of the most comprehensive book reading apps on the market. You can buy and download entire books in seconds without leaving your favorite device – Kindle is the best app for buying books!

2. Google Play Books

Reading e-books on Android or iOS is easy if you know the right free book reading apps. Google Play Books is not only one of the best apps from Google but also one of the easiest apps to read books.

If you have a device with little memory, Google Play Books is the perfect app for reading free digital books. This app has a powerful reader that lets you read books or documents stored on your phone, or download books to read directly from the Google Books catalog.

It’s practically unlimited book storage on your mobile! You can use this app to read books at university or just to expand your knowledge

The only drawbacks we can note with Google Play Books compared to other free book reading apps are the lack of customization options and the need to manually download documents or books downloaded through other means.

3. Wattpad

In addition to being one of the highest-rated free book reading apps by users, Wattpad stands out in our list of book reading apps because it is the perfect app for those who are just starting in the world of writing and want to share their talent.

With Wattpad, in addition to reading free books on Android or iOS, you can become a famous writer! With a community of over 90 million users, this free book reading app offers you the opportunity to share your stories with the world.

In fact, more than 1,500 stories posted on Wattpad have been published as books or adapted for film and television, thanks in part to artificial intelligence technology that identifies popular texts for teens and young adults.

The only drawbacks to this free book reader are the lack of ability to read files downloaded to your device, limitations for freemium users, and the presence of ads on the reading bar.

If you are looking for EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, or any other format reading apps, you should choose another one of the free book reading apps we recommend. Wattpad focuses mainly on its users’ publications.

4. Kobo Books

If you want to read a book for free, Kobo Books can help you make your wish come true. It is one of the most downloadable free book apps in the Android Play Store. You no longer need to waste time looking for where to read books for free, because you can do it right from your phone without paying anything.

In addition, Kobo allows you to search for unknown words on Wikipedia, has customization options for reading books, and has a fairly extensive catalog. 

It’s worth noting, though, that most of the available titles are in English, and that while this is one of the free book reading apps that has a built-in reader, it can’t be used for documents you download from other websites or apps.

5. Lithium

Finding free book reading apps that have all the features you need can be difficult. However, Lithium has book reading features that even the best book reading apps don’t have, and for which users are very grateful.

This free book reader has good customization options, automatic book detection, and no annoying ads that interrupt reading.

In addition, for the most demanding users, there is a premium version with which you get features to sync with Google Drive, create custom themes for the book reader, and improve tools for underlining text.

6. BookBub

This is one of the free book reading apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that has become very popular among Apple users. Once you sign up for your free account, you’ll have to do a little research to find out which categories of ebooks best fit your needs. 

If you’re looking for the best digital book apps with different categories, BookBub is a great alternative. You can choose titles from categories such as historical mysteries, historical fiction, literary fiction, biographies and memoirs, history, science, and humor – there are many other categories to choose from! 

At your request, BookBub will send you notifications of free and discounted eBooks in selected categories. Even if you don’t find the free books you’d like to read, the category recommendations will help you find new titles to explore in other free book apps.


Reading apps are very diverse, and each one has different features to meet the needs of a certain type of user. Depending on whether you are looking for free book download apps or just need a book reader to open downloaded documents, there is an option for you.

We hope you’ll start enjoying the benefits of digital reading – it’s time to dust off that book you’ve been putting off for a while and get back into the reading habit with these free book reading apps on your mobile!

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