6 Free Android Music Download Apps for Students

Music is a great aide for study sessions. If you’re a student, there are few things better for focus than putting in a pair of headphones with your favorite tracks playing. There are even specially curated playlists available for studying purposes, and you can also compile your own. Many apps let you download your tracks so that you can listen to them on the go. You just need to download them at home using the internet connection you got with your Altice One internet plans. Then, you can even listen to them when you don’t have any internet or mobile network signals.  

However, many of these apps come with subscriptions. As a student, you probably don’t have the means to get these subscriptions. But you don’t have to be disheartened. There are also some really great free music download apps out there. Some of them are free in general, while others offer limited free plans for students. You just need to pick the right one according to your preferences. Here’s a list of some of the best ones out there.  



Of course, no music download and streaming app list is complete without Spotify. Over the past few years, it has expanded exponentially and offers an unparalleled music library from all over the world. Furthermore, its audio quality is quite impressive.  

Spotify offers a number of self-curated and user-curated playlists, and you can even make your own. So, you’ll have plenty of options for your study music needs. Its ad-supported version is free, so you just need to download the app on your phone, and get started.  


This app has been particularly popular in the US. Starting off as a radio channel, it also offers playlists and music streaming. However, its radio service is one of the best services you can enjoy without having to swipe through various tracks and playlists. Once you pick the right kind of tracks and begin liking them on Pandora, then the app will show you more tracks and playlists you’ll like.  

This means that you just need to play it and not have to check your phone again and again. This lets you focus on your studies instead of getting distracted by limited playlists.  


Deezer is a great app with very few geographical restrictions, unlike some of the other apps on this list. Its library rivals that of Spotify and covers a vast number of genres and artists from all over the world. Its curation algorithms are designed quite well, and you’ll be able to discover more artists according to your preferences.  

Once you’ve liked a few tracks and indicated your preferences, you can just go to the discovery playlist, which will keep playing tracks to suit your needs. You can get the ad-support Deezer for free but will have to subscribe to get rid of ads.  


This is a classic app that has been around for years now. At one time, it was the primary platform for fledgling artists. It is still an active website, even though many other options have also shown up. Its free version lets you download limited tracks and listen to them offline.  

However, you can stream its tracks online and access some great indie covers as well. SoundCloud is easily available, and also comes with a paid subscription, but its free version is a great place to start.  

Amazon Prime Music 

amazon Prime Music 

Amazon’s Prime Music app is emerging as a worthy contender with a growing library. It lets you download music to your smartphone and listen to it offline later. The best part is, you may have free access to it even without knowing it. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you not only get Prime Video but also get access to Prime Music.  

Therefore, you simply need to go through the library, choose the tracks and playlists you want, and download them for later. Then, you can easily listen to your music even without internet access.  


Millennials in particular will remember this music service. While it doesn’t have a download feature of its own, you can easily use it with a downloader so that you can download the tracks you want. It has a free 14-day trial for its premium version, which you can enjoy to your heart’s content.  

However, its free version is pretty good as well. If you have internet access, you can just set it to the radio setting and get a number of tracks suited to your need. This lets you discover artists you didn’t know about either.  

In conclusion, there are numerous music download and streaming apps out there. However, if you want free ones, then you need to make a bit more effort or deal with ad-supported versions. These apps are all quite useful and let you study and relax with barely any drawbacks.   

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