A Complete Guide To The Ubox 9 Super TV Box

Ubox TV Box: What Is It?

This platform consists of mobile apps, websites, etc., and works to provide customers with all the data they need to enjoy themselves. With a UBOX TV box, you can connect your TV to various streaming services and access them all from one platform. Videos, movies, and network shows can be watched on demand through the box.

Ubox 9 Unblock Tech Box: What Is It?

Compared to older versions, UBOX 9 has a significantly faster response time with a user-friendly interface. You can use it straight out of the box, and it is easier to set up than many other products. It also includes a remote control, HDMI cable, international adapter, user manual, and a TV box that unblocks TV stations worldwide. To learn more, visit unblocktechaustraliatvbox.com.

Why Should You Use Unblock Tech’s Ubox 9?


With the UBOX, you can easily transport it to any destination of your choice. In the form of a rectangular design, the unblock tech ubox can be carried by hand and connected to any TV of your choice while traveling.

Storage and memory improvements

A 64GB storage space is supported by Unblock Tech UBOX 9 and it comes with about 4GB of running memory. Storage and memory would be the last of your worries no matter which phone you connect to your UBOX.

Remote Control with Voice Recognition

The system includes an AI speech system that you can use to control other functions and assist in searching. Google Assistant allows you to control the box using your voice. Additionally, Unblock UBOX 9 supports singing for your entertainment as well with this new feature.

Quad-core processor H616 for high performance

Performance and power consumption have been improved with the upgraded processor, which results in high-speed operation.

Feature of playback

You can playback missed TV shows on the UBOX thanks to its latest feature that unblocks content. Your favorite TV series can be viewed any time thanks to its 24-hour playback function. No longer is it a dream to watch your favorite shows at your leisure.

Global CDN Node

This allows the device to run much more slowly and to be less stable thanks to the Global CDN Node. Currently, there are more than 200 CDNs connected to the global CDN node.

6K HDR Image

A new feature of the Unblock Tech UBOX 9 is the ability to decode 6K ultra high definition video! Smart colors have been added, and the image quality has been enhanced to 3.3. Thanks to these improvements, the video will be much clearer, more vibrant, and smoother than before.


In addition to US, UK, Southeast Asia, and dozens of other TV channels, you can connect to UBLIVE using this option. You can also stream live broadcasts, watch movies, and watch episodes. Over 700 channels from around the globe are available with this feature.

Screen Sharing

Using your mobile device, you can watch your favorite TV programs from anywhere by connecting to the TV or computer screen. Stream from anywhere when you connect the UBOX 9 to the TV, and you can watch even while you’re away.

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