Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

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Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

Tracking Android phones has become effortless, as technological innovations have introduced us to eminent monitoring software known as an Android tracker app. When cell phones were not that ordinary, our secrets were limited to journals or letters a few decades ago. But now, people use mobile messaging apps for communication, phone cameras to capture important moments, and utilize other digital features every day. By monitoring the mobile phone of someone, we have a glance at their personal lives and the secrets they kept from us. Although spying is an unethical activity, keeping our loved ones safe from cyber threats is crucial.

Here, we will discuss Android spying and introduce you to a leading spyware program in the latter section. Let’s get started

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices:

If you search on Google for the best phone tracker app, you’ll find numerous choices to pick from. Unfortunately, spyware programs often demand rooting for their operations. To be honest, rooting Android devices unleash so many cyber dangers to corrupt the device. Furthermore, there are significant differences between rooted and unrooted Android devices; for instance, rooted devices are more secure and unrooted devices are vulnerable to hacking attacks. In simpler words, rooting is a process to control an Android device by manipulating its built-in settings. In the spy app world, rooting allows users to install spy apps or malware programs on target Android devices.

Luckily, specific Android spyware programs allow users to monitor cell phones and tablets without rooting the target device. One of the best hidden free spy apps is TheWiSpy. It offers multiple spying tools to make sure every mobile activity gets recorded so you can monitor Android devices thoroughly.

Most people want to track Android phones in private mode, so the target won’t know they have been tracked. Fortunately, TheWiSpy allows you to enable stealth monitoring mode and spy on your desired device without any distortion.

Let’s jump to the main section and explore TheWiSpy app a bit more to understand its functionality.

What is TheWiSpy and How It Can Help You?

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

TheWiSpy is an Android monitoring app. It is a spyware program that intends to fetch digital details from smart devices. The TWS app then transfers the spied information to an online dashboard for the end-user to monitor. offers 30+ spy features; all these tools ensure secret Android spying in real-time. The cherry on top, the app provides various products with distinct characteristics. This spyware offers four standard solutions: Android spying, mobile tracking, parental controls, and employee monitoring. The reason for providing multiple spy solutions is to make people choose the best plan for their spying requirements.

Here are some insights about TheWiSpy app.

  • Rating – 4.08 out of 5 stars.
  • Price – Starting from $19.99.
  • Compatibility – Android Phones & Tablets with 4.0 OS version at least.
  • Functionality –  100% Stealth Mode.

TheWiSpy app is famous worldwide. It is the first spyware that gained its position as the best Android spy app in a brief period. To validate if all the claims made by this spyware program are valid, we tested TheWiSpy app and examined its features.

In the following section, you’ll find all TheWiSpy features in detail.

Key Features of TheWiSpy App:

What people seek in an Android monitoring app are reliable and functioning features. And to be honest, Android spyware without necessary components is only a waste of time and money. The best phone tracker app is the one providing all advanced spy tools without demanding to root. TheWiSpy, FlexiSpy, mSpy, and many other apps excel in delivering quality tools.

Here, we will discuss TheWiSpy tools in detail so that users can get a broader view of this Android monitoring app.

Monitor Calls:

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

Do you find your child on ever-ending phone calls? Or you notice weird calling behaviour among a few employees. Perhaps your children or staff are having secret conversations with peers or business rivals. In that case, monitoring phone calls is an efficient way to discover what is cooking behind your back. For example, kids nowadays start having affairs at a very young age. Parents can listen to kids’ phone calls and know if their child is wasting time with the wrong people or using cell phones productively. TheWiSpy call monitoring enables you to listen to calls of the target phone. It also lets you monitor call logs, call duration, and contact information. You can also track frequent callers and block contacts using this spyware app.

Read SMS:

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

Sms messaging is the most convenient way to communicate with peers and family. Unfortunately, teens misuse this mobile feature and start sexting with their partners. On the other hand, employees can leak corporate details over a single text message. The reason for monitoring text conversations is to ensure that your family and business is protected from the harms of cyber dangers. TheWiSpy app proficiently records all text messages. It constantly copies the text chats and delivers the messages to the control panel to monitor the conversations remotely. It also helps you find contact details and message timestamps as well.

Lock Screen Remotely:

One of the main concerns of parents nowadays is to keep their children safe from unnecessary online exposure. It is evident that teens use cell phones all day and waste their time on online activities. Similarly, the office environment gets disturbed with staff killing time using mobile devices resulting in low productivity. TheWiSpy lock screen feature empowers you to set screen restrictions and lock the target device with remote controls. You can either schedule screen use time or instantly lock the screen whenever you find the need.

Spy on WhatsApp Chats:

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger of the current times. People use it for sharing photos, videos, location and other multimedia files. However, WhatsApp is mainly used for audio and video calling. TheWiSpy app WhatsApp monitoring tool allows you to snoop into your target’s WhatsApp account and view their app activity along with chat messages, call details, and other actions. You can access someone’s WhatsApp with TheWiSpy app remotely, and there is no need for touching the target device as well.

View Browsing History:

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

The internet is no doubt a blessing if used productively. The online space offers content of every type, including informative articles, educational videos, and inappropriate media. But, yes, anyone can now access porn with just a few clicks. That is why it is important to keep tabs on your kids’ and employees’ browsing history. TheWiSpy app lets you view the online browsing history. In addition, you can monitor visited websites, bookmarks, and even downloads, plus cache history.

Monitor Installed Apps:

Smartphones are nothing without mobile apps. TheWiSpy app monitoring allows you to detect frequently used apps on your target smart device. This way, you can find out which apps your kids use during school homework time. Also, you can view apps used by your employees during work hours. Furthermore, TheWiSpy allows you to restrict apps that you think are improper for your target device user. In addition, you can receive complete app usage stats with TheWiSpy app.

Control Camera Activity:

Android Phone Tracker App for Both Rooted and Unrooted Devices

We all are familiar with security cameras. Now, you can experience camera surveillance using the mobile phone’s camera. TheWiSpy turns your target device’s camera into a surveillance tool enabling you to control camera actions remotely. You just need to open your TWS dashboard and send remote commands to take photos or make videos from your target device’s camera. This way, you can monitor the places where your target user is any time you want. There will be no need to follow your kids everywhere, as you can now view where they are using TheWiSpy camera spy app.

Track Location:

Cell phones come with GPS features, and spy apps can actively track the GPS location of mobile devices in real-time. Unfortunately, employees often lie about their whereabouts and spend time in bars or clubs instead of being present at work sites. In the case of children, teens wander around without telling their parents, which actually makes parents worry regarding the physical security of kids. TheWiSpy app provides a solution to busy employers and parents by delivering an advanced GPS tracking tool. You can track whereabouts and monitor dates and visited addresses with remote features.

Moreover, TheWiSpy offers geofencing and a GPS tracker; it allows you to set geo-boundaries on the digital map of the target device. The purpose of geo-fencing is to ensure your target user stays in safe places; you can set bars and pubs as danger zones and get updates when your kid enters the boundary. You can also mark school as a safe zone and determine if your child is within school boundaries or wandering in the streets during class time.

Hear Phone Surroundings:

Do you worry about your child using slang language in your absence? Or do you doubt your employees roast management and company operations? Well, the mic bug is what you need right now. You can’t set a remote microphone device for all your employees, but you can enable the surround recording feature on work phones using TheWiSpy app. Parents can also use the feature and hear phone surroundings secretly, without their kids knowing. You can enable or disable the microphone of your target user’s device anytime you want.

Monitor Multimedia:

Mobile galleries are like personal photo albums. We capture crucial moments and save them on our mobile devices. We also download pictures that we find appealing. Monitoring someone’s media gallery gives you access to their personal lives and interests. For example, parents must view the mobile gallery of their children because kids watch porn and save disturbing images on their cell phones. Parents must be sure their kid is not sharing porn videos or personal nudes with anyone. TheWiSpy, a multimedia monitoring tool, fetches all the digital media saved on the target device and transfers everything to an online dashboard for you to monitor.

Track Keylogs:

You can track the keyboard activity of a cell phone with the best phone tracker app TheWiSpy. Using this tool, you can monitor keystrokes and track the typed actions, such as typed passwords, messages, queries, notes, etc. In addition, the keylogger tracking allows you to track every word your target user types on their cell phone or tablet.

Why Using an Android Monitoring App is a Must for a Safe Future?

 It is not even possible for us to leave home without carrying our mobile devices.

Today, even kids actively use mobile phones and the internet. Unfortunately, only a few parents know the online threats, and fewer teach cyber ethics to their kids. As smart devices have become essential, we can’t just cut off children from online privileges. Yet, monitoring your kids’ online space is critical because of the freely roaming cyber dangers. Here, Android phone tracker apps come to help parents and help them with digital monitoring.

Not only kids are susceptible to digital threats, but businesses are also vulnerable to online scamming. It is so easy for fraudulent employees to leak corporate information via work phones. Internal scams are the weakest link to business productivity. To avoid such a threat, companies nowadays track Android phones. Work phone monitoring helps businesses keep an eye on employee activity and productivity, ensuring that staff members are ethically using company-owned devices.

The Final Words:

There are multiple ways to track Android phones and tablets, but you must opt for the right and best Android spy app. The reason for picking the best-hidden spy app is that such programs are accountable for your data processing and never compromise on data safety. TheWiSpy is the best Android spy app of 2021 for parental monitoring and employee tracking. With more than 30+ features, it stands out as the best Android spy app in the online market.

Have you picked your Android spy app for kids’ tracking?

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