Best Romantic Anime Movies to Watch

Tangled is a romantic and adventurous movie presented by Disney in 2010.

The movie starts with the main character- “Flynn rider”(death poster). Flynn Rider is a thief who tells the story of Rapunzel along with the death of Flynn’s rider. The story begins in a palace with a king and his wife. The queen is ready to conceive a baby known as princess Rapunzel. Before the princess was born, her mother was infected with a disease. The king orders soldiers to find the magical flower which can cure disease and use its powers to cure the queen of her illness. She becomes healthy and gives birth to the princess with golden hair. The Gothel is a witch in the story, she knows the gold flower has the power to become young, And kidnappes the little princess from the palace into her prison tower and became the mother to the little princess after a long time when the princess became a young adult she meets with Flynn, Flynn enters the palace and snatches the crown as the soldiers see Flynn snatches the crown. Flynn runs through the prison tower and hides in Rapunzel’s tower, she helps Flynn to hide, and here small love blooms between them. She checks the crown and hides in his quarters. She asks for help to see the palace lights and Flynn helps the princess. As the story continues new characters are introduced such as Maximus (horse) and Pascal(Chameleon). The horse helps the Flynn rider and protects the Princess from soldiers and thieves. The witch becomes selfish because she loses her powers and becomes older and powerless. Finally, the princess sees the palace lights and becomes happier and the princess and Flynn fall in romantic love. By the time Rapunzel realizes the reality and she is the heir to the kingdom she fights with Gothel the witch and defeats her, Rapunzel becomes queen of the kingdom and marries Flynn rider.

A Whisker away 

A whisker away is a pure romantic anime movies released in 2020. The anime movie starts with Miyo Sasaki, the lead character of a romantic drama, and Kento Hinode, the hero of a romantic drama. Miyo is a high school junior, she loves Hinode secretly and he is the most intelligent boy in his class. Miyo tries to get Hinode’s attention. But she didn’t get any attention from Hinode. One day Miyo and his mother go to a festival, and there is a small misunderstanding due to this, Miyo fights with his mother. Miyo becomes upset and goes away from the festival. Suddenly, Miya meets a fat cat with great powers. The fat cat gives the mask to Miyo. She wears the mask and becomes a cat and goes to Hinode’s house. The Hinode family are pottery workers, and Hinode helps his grandfather to make pots. Miyo turns like a cat and plays with Hinode daily. But one day Miyo was unable to turn like a human. Finally, one day, Hinode knew that the cat was Miyo. Hinode saves Miyo to avoid transforming into a cat, Hinode fights with the fat cat to not take Miyo’s soul. At last, the fat cat disappears, and Miyo transforms into a Human during which Miyo and Hinode become closer a romantic relationship starts between both of them and they fall in love with each other as the story comes to an end.

A silent voice (2016)

A silent voice is a Japanese romantic movie, the movie begins with “Shoya Ishida ” the hero of the movie, who bullies the students in the school, Shouko is the lead character of the movie, and she is the heroine. Shouko is a deaf girl bullied by Shoya Ishida. One day Shouka and Shoya fight each other. When Shoya started to bully she removes the earpiece machine from Shouko which helps her to listen and gets injured. And Shouko decided to go to a new school. After a year, Shoya changed and learned from the mistakes he did to Shouka. Shoya learns sign language and finally meets Shouko in class. Shouko’s sister, Yuzuru, protects Shouko from Shoya. By that time they both become friends and start a romantic relationship. As the story continues Shouko proposes to Shoya on a pleasant day.

Suddenly, Shoya goes into a coma, and his friends bully Shouko after a long time. Finally, Shoya gets out of the coma and proposes romantically. Shouko accepts his love and they start to live with each other . 4anime movie please go through the reelsrated website.

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