Five of the Best Educational Podcasts That You Must Listen To

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Five of the Best Educational Podcasts That You Must Listen To

Podcasts provide unique insight on a variety of issues. Podcasts have been a great source of insight and thought leadership in the education sector. These podcasts will open up your mind and help you to be more involved in education. Find the best custom dissertation writing services and make more time to listen to the most fascinating podcasts in this sector.

Podcasters have paid a lot of attention to the education sector. Not all podcasts are worthwhile. Because of the amount of research involved in creating these audio files, some leave you wanting more. These podcasts are great for learning.

1. Revisionist History

You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Stitcher, and Spotify. Malcolm Gladwell hosts the podcast. Gladwell says that the podcast addresses issues that are often misunderstood and ignored in traditional history books. The podcast will surprise you with its unique perspectives and insights into history. Your worldview will be challenged.

One podcast could be about Tea Party, while another might focus on Sammy Davis and Richard Nixon. Gladwell uses desperate, yet original threads to weave the story. You’ll love it. This book will teach you a lot about the human experience, including how information and opinions are formed.

2. Encyclopedia Womannica

It is a podcast about women, as the title suggests. The podcast still explores the history, but it is viewed from the perspective of a woman. Jenny Kaplan is the podcast’s host. She is an award-winning journalist who founded WMN. It tells the remarkable stories of women throughout the history of humanity.

Podcasts offer insight into the lives and times of poets, scientists, civil rights activists, and everyday people. Each podcast is five minutes in length and features a different podcast every week. You will meet female pioneers who are not usually recognized in patriarchal-leaning histories.

3. Making Gay History

The LGBTQ narrative has been around for some time. It is not well-researched when it comes to news articles. Making Gay History is changing the way we discuss gay history to add a new dimension and context. Eric Marcus, a journalist, has been covering the topic since 1980. Eric Marcus has recorded interviews with over 100 gay people and uses the podcast to spread awareness about their situation. There is no better history than the stories of those who have lived the LGBTQ lifestyle.

4. Climate Cast

Climate Cast by Minnesota Public Radio is worth your attention as the focus shifts toward climate change and its devastating consequences on humanity. Climate Cast by Minnesota Public Radio is a platform that dispels myths and promotes facts. This podcast is for you if you are interested in the most recent information about climate change.

This podcast is a conversation between industry patrons, activists, politicians, as well as advocates for climate-change mitigation. The host is careful to present a balanced perspective. The program lasts between 4 and 40 minutes, depending on the topic. Each minute is well worth it.

5. 99% of the population is invisible

Roman Mars’s rich, mellow voice and soothing tone will make for the perfect podcast experience. His goal is to show off architectural and design features that are quietly shaping the world. He will go to great lengths in order to show you images and features that you’ve never seen before.

99% Invisible is the podcast for you if you love design. Mars uses a sweet tone to grab your attention and imagination. Each episode offers something new about design.

Podcasts that are educational in nature are distinguished by their depth of research and objectivity. There are many topics they cover, some of which are well-known and others that have been neglected. Find the best dissertation writing service at RankMyService and turn on an educational podcast to enjoy the unique learning opportunities they offer.

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