Here are some tips for users on how to use Zalo

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Here are some tips for users on how to use Zalo

Our country’s most popular video chatting and calling service is Zalo. Manufacturers have added or changed some features through each updated version so that the user experience is improved, as well as so that users can meet their needs. Check out to learn more.

As a result, some users struggle when using Zalo in order to manage their accounts and chat with friends. There are a few tips that you cannot ignore when using Zalo, and this article will summarize them for you. 

Disable notifications Zalo Watched messages

In most chat services, you can view if the message has been read by clicking Send and View. This message is usually used by the sender to find out whether or not the message has been read. Many people, however, want to turn off the Notice of View in some cases because it is not really necessary.

To set up Messages and notifications, simply click the gear icon in the Zalo account interface, then go to Settings.

Make sure that the Show “View” status option is turned off. Consequently, you won’t notice the incoming message when you read it.

Zalo contact synchronization

Zalo allows users to see who in their phonebook is using Zalo so they can follow them and make friends easily.

Search for friends by tapping on the Contacts section in the Settings view.

The phone book can be updated by clicking Update on the new interface. The Zalo contacts can be installed and then selected You only use Zalo to find those primarily using Zalo.

Sound Zalo lets you express your feelings

We can now post status by sound on a Zalo account in addition to words.

As shown in the screenshot, you click the microphone icon under the options bar to post emotions on Zalo. Once you have clicked the microphone icon in the blue circle, you will get the opportunity to record the recording. By tapping the icon again, you will be able to stop the recording.

There is an interface where you can see the recording. By pressing the x sign icon, you can delete this recording.

Zalo MP3 Sending

In addition to allowing images to be sent, Zalo now allows users to send songs directly from their phone. We can easily search for songs on Zing MP3 because it searches for music.

The @ icon appears when you click the box to enter chat content for your friends. The @ icon does not appear when you click the radio button for the “Find GIF from Giphy” option.

Or If you press @ mp3, then click on Find music from Zing MP3 to see what music you can access. Once you have entered the song tag you want to send to your friends, you will be able to click on the song that you want to send to them.

I just posted Zalo on Facebook and Zalo on Zalo

With just one simple accumulation, Zalo allows you to sync emotional status between Zalo and Facebook.

The Facebook icon will appear on the right side of your screen when you click on the interface that offers the status sharing on Zalo. If you want to share your feelings on Facebook from Zalo, click OK.

We have finally agreed to allow Zalo to connect to Facebook and for Facebook to connect to Zalo.

Images can be shared and saved on Zalo

In Zalo, photos can be shared to other accounts, added to diaries, or even drawn directly on the page.

It is simply a matter of opening the image and clicking on the three horizontal dots icon.

Chat with the Zalo group and tag your friends

New features have been added to the chat group in the recently updated versions of Zalo, including the ability to tag members of the group. Friends can send private messages by tagging their name, allowing all group members to see the messages.

You will find the names of the members of the Zalo chat group once you type @ into the chat input box. To finish, type the message and check the name of the recipient.

Use an external browser to open the Zalo link

With Zalo, users can open links using the external browser of their choice, like Safari on an iPhone or Google Chrome on an Android device. In this way, we will be able to customize the link in the browser when reading it.

If you click on the link that was sent to you in Zalo, then you should find a 3 dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you have selected the web browser, all you have to do is click on the link to open it.

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