How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets | Complete Guide

Online shopping has become the standard in today’s world, and businesses are vying for a piece of the action in every niche. More and more businesses are opening online storefronts on eBay and Amazon apart from their own websites in order to reach a broader, worldwide audience and increase sales.

However, with a worldwide reach comes a slew of global challenges. Online shopping is convenient, fast, and simple. Customer returns, on the other hand, might be a logistical headache for the vendor. In fact, 30% of all online purchases are returned, whereas just 8.9 percent of products purchased in brick-and-mortar businesses are returned for any reason. Customers, particularly younger ones who shop online, have come to anticipate free returns shipping from almost half of all US businesses.

Many of these returned items, even those that haven’t been opened, aren’t resold as new by retailers or Amazon sellers. Liquidation is the preferred method of selling unwanted goods.

When it comes to Amazon Return Pallets, you should keep reading to learn how to purchase Amazon Customer Returns and get the most out of Amazon Returns pallets.

From Where You Can Buy Amazon Pallets?

Liquidation firms are the greatest place to get Amazon return pallets. Choosing a vendor is best done by looking for the most reputed one. Customer service is the greatest way to see this. Because of this, you should seek out the counsel of other online retailers who have purchased products from such firms. You may obtain a good idea of a company’s services and product quality by reading internet reviews, which tend to offer a clear image of the company’s reputation.

Direct Liquidation is a well-known business that works hard to keep its clients happy while also establishing and strengthening relationships with big retail chains. Amazon returns will no longer be the only items for sale on Direct Liquidation’s web platform; you’ll now be able to purchase stuff from Walmart, America’s biggest store.  Timber pallets are all you need to evacuate your floor off excess goods and items.

What to Expect in Amazon Truckloads?

‘Bigs’ or Large Products

Among the many huge objects transported on these trailers are TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances, as well as display cabinets and furniture. These lots are best suited for bigger retail businesses that have room to display and sell these products in-store.

‘Smalls’ or Small Products

Merchandise in tiny truckloads includes little goods. The Gaylord pallets’ average component count is quite high because of the pallets’ ability to accommodate numerous tiny objects. Designer sunglasses, watches, electronics, and branded accessories are just a few of the high-end items that may be found among the clutter. These items are ideal for retail bins and online sales. Reselling these truckloads may provide the highest profits because of the large number of high-value pieces they include. Since you’ll get so many items in these lots, processing them all might take a long time—especially when advertising them online—but the higher return on your original investment should make it worth it.

High Retail

The most popular goods for resale are in smaller numbers in these truckloads. Compared to tiny truckloads, they include 26 pallets, but the strongest retail products, which are highly sought after by online merchants, are more likely to be found in these pallets. Amazon’s best-selling stock will be included in these lots, resulting in a faster turnover, but with a lower profit potential overall.


Since Amazon receives a large number of returns on apparel, there is never a lack of clothing in excellent shape, much of which is poly-bagged and is ready for resale. In countries where demand for American apparel is high, many purchasers of clothing truckloads will purchase the merchandise and resell it. There are 26 pallets in this lot, and each one can hold up to 1200 garments. Among the items for sale are designer apparel and accessories including purses, scarves, belts, and more. The majority of clothing lots are made up of products for men, women, and children, although some may also include infant items.

How Can I Buy Quality Amazon Return Pallets?

Research is essential if you want to succeed in this industry. There are a number of advantages to purchasing from reputable liquidation businesses. As a result of people jumping at the first chance to acquire inexpensive products, the narrative of merely junk being sold via liquidation businesses has come to light. This is a heinous crime that should never be committed in the workplace. Do your homework, always.

Because Direct Liquidation sells Amazon return pallets, half of your work is already done. The manifest of the lot you’re interested in should always be searched for, regardless of course. Direct Liquidation offers manifests, a list of all the important information about a pallet’s contents, such as its condition, for most lots.

Direct Liquidation uses several ways, such as scanning UPC and putting them into their software, to produce all of the manifests it publishes on its online liquidation marketplace. This ensures that each manifest precisely defines what is included inside each pallet.

Buying Customer Returns Pallets from Direct Liquidation

Because Direct Liquidation Returns pallets are sold “as is,” they normally sell for less than the MSRP value of each pallet, which means they haven’t been handled or inspected by us. Up to 75% of the products in an untested pallet of Amazon returns are likely to be in saleable condition straight out of the box, based on our experience. In Direct Liquidation’s experience, untested pallets of returned goods may cost up to a quarter of a million dollars each.

The procedure of purchasing Amazon returns pallets is really straightforward. When purchasing returns from Direct Liquidation, you’ll first need to create a free account.

In order to bid on Amazon returns, you’ll need to create a free account and utilize the website’s search and category drop-down menus. To see all of Direct Liquidation’s Amazon Liquidations presently available for sale in large quantities, visit their dedicated Amazon seller page.

The next step is to place bids on pallets of returns that catch your eye, and then wait to see whether you’ve won the auction. All that remains is for you to pay for your items and arrange for shipment if this is the case. Direct Liquidation accepts bank wire, credit card, and credit account payments for pallets purchased via their website.

There are several pallets Direct Liquidation sells that may be purchased at a predetermined price without participating in an auction. There is a “Buy it Now” button if a lot has one. You don’t need to do anything more than click on the “Buy Now” button.

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