How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Traveling

Travelling is an activity that most people on earth are fond of, and many have their job as travellers to travel across various destinations and places. Travelling tends to build a unique bond in-between you with your inner self allowing ample experiences within one go. 

Having fun around mountains or cliffs, having a beach party or a solo trip. But, what remains constant is your mobile phone and accessories that allow you to connect and contact your loved ones and the world, too, like – sharing or posting photos and videos of your visit, travel, etc. 

Despite being full of fun and activity, your belongings’ insecurity remains constant in any travel. Moreover, as the world is evolving nowadays, insecurity of the personal information stored in your digital wallet too is the main issue. 

  • How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Traveling 

It might not look much to be aware of for some, but yes, Digital Cyber-pickpockets, too, are now a major concern. Imagine being in the airport or a lounge during your stay. And what if someone hacked your phone or laptop? 

It might seem for some like – “Aah, I have nothing to worry about“, but buddy, you have to worry. Just look at your electronic devices and then look at their prices and importance with you in your life, and then you can feel the scared feeling of losing the devices.

If you want to prevent yourself from such consequences or a reason for stress with losing Personal Information, Time, and Account access, you must follow the below-given procedures. 

  • Use authentic End-to-End Encrypted messages applications 

What is most obvious when you are on a trip or a journey is that your friends ask for your passwords on the OTT platforms like – Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.., to binge-watch on your behalf from your account. That is fine in the friendship, but what scary part is sharing your personal information connected to that platform on the messaging applications. Not all messaging platforms use End-To-End Encryption, which prevents your personal information from leaking to third parties. Therefore, it is highly recommended to secure personal data like – Email, Phone No. and Access details with the message applications having End-To-End Encryption. All apps come with preinstalled SSL certificate for data security.

All apps come with preinstalled SSL certificate for data security. SSL encrypts ongoing information between the server and the browser. It ensures data integrity and data privacy. There is no fear of leaking the private information of users. Users feel safe over the web.

  • Using an Old Phone instead of the regular one 

Your current phone has ample confidential or private kinds of stuff like – Logging in to multiple accounts and applications to have months or even a year ago chats with your loved and family ones. Having a current phone while on a trip is nothing but a severe prone of getting your phone hacked or stolen, resulting in a bulk of loss that is a nightmare just by the thought. 

 To prevent yourself from being in this situation, use your old smartphone at the time of travel. Having urgent and important applications only like – Google Maps, 1 or 2 useful Social Media Applications, and mostly 1 or 2 payment applications that can act as an emergency and an Aid to avoid any big loss. 

  • Back-Up your Data and Wipe-out the phone before trave

Your phone has your details with the GBs of memories too that no one will ever want to lose as memories with the Date, Time, and Location remains constant for the entire life with your loved ones and family. Back-Up your Data before leaving your home for a journey and secure your data by Wipe-out the phone before travelling to avoid hackers from gaining details about you and your loved ones. 

  • Set up a Travel Email 

Your regular Email Account is logged-in with many devices, OTT platforms, and Social Media resulting in having access to a hacker of your entire life in one shot. Likewise, using your same email address at the time of travel can result in hackers hacking into your whole life in a one-shot and loosening everything you have. To prevent yourself from this, set up a travel email that will be only for your travel purpose, and you won’t have any other access to any other devices or platforms, which will give you enhanced security. 

  • Avoid Public Computers

At the time of our travel, we often allow access to the local computers of that arena to check on the recent activities and updates of our loved ones and our area. Unfortunately, people often log into public computers to have space during travel and use social media on the big screen, which is nothing but a security breach. Malware, Keylogger, Virus, and Public setting are a few but many threats that can easily hack your login details and can successfully gain access. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid public computers to secure personal information while travelling. 

  • Multiple Devices on Multiple Locations 

If your work is to visit a particular city twice or more than 2 times a week or a month, try to take your main or regular laptop every time on your travel. Instead of doing this, you can place a second-hand tablet or laptop or PC to the place you travel or visit and have access once after the reach. Doing this will allow you to secure personal information while travelling and result in carrying less luggage with you. 

  • Usage of HTTPs

Sending sensitive information via sites can be a major security breach unless the site uses HTTPs Protocol for security. Likewise, enabling any services like surfing, searching, or sharing details via any transfer site can be a security breach until and unless they are using HTTPs protocol to protect their customers from the online threat. 

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