How to Track Any WhatsApp Account?

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How to Track Any WhatsApp Account?

With over 2 billion active users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular communication platforms. Almost 100 billion messages get sent via WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct daily. Businesses have naturally noticed this development and see this messaging platform as a hotspot for business opportunities.

This cross-platform chat app made headlines when Facebook paid a whopping $19 billion to acquire this app. With such a large user base worldwide, WhatsApp assures that all communications are encrypted, providing users with even another compelling reason to use the program. 

Why Is It Crucial to Keep Track of a WhatsApp Account?

Both young and old, as well as everyone in between, may get exploited on a medium like WhatsApp. And that’s the reason why it has become necessary to keep track of the activities of your loved ones to ensure their safety.

Although there are various easy ways to track WhatsApp messages, monitoring apps are amongst the most reliable options. These apps allow you to access your kid’s phones, and you can easily keep track of their social media activities, hence ensuring your kids’ safety on these platforms. Moreover, you will be able to access other features like recording call logs, text messages, voice recording, and location tracking. 

Monitoring applications have tons of other functions too, and some even use them to fix niggling issues present on their devices. Backing up text message and call log data, for instance, can be reliably done through these apps, and users even use it as a possible fix for WhatsApp’s issues with new messages not showing.

If you don’t want to go through those processes and are not willing to use any paid monitoring software and application, other reliable options available as well.

What are the Other Ways to Track Any WhatsApp Account?

Although WhatsApp claims end-to-end encryption, it’s still highly prone to hacks. Exploiting WhatsApp Web and pairing the account with the user’s phone are two reliable ways to track any WhatsApp account activities. But things aren’t always as straightforward as they look. Let’s dig into all of our options to track WhatsApp.

1.   Read Other People’s Messages by Exploiting WhatsApp Web

While WhatsApp itself cannot get hacked, this does not exclude you from reading other people’s messages. You can use WhatsApp’s Web service for this purpose!

Some of you may know that WhatsApp can be used on phones, PCs, laptops, and other similar devices. The reason for this is the WhatsApp Web service, which is designed to make it easier for you to stay up to date on messages regardless of the device you are currently using.

With a little effort, WhatsApp Web can get exploited to meet your needs. To make it possible, you will need to have physical access to the phone whose WhatsApp you want to track. However, if the phone is PIN or password-protected, you will need to know those.

Following are the three main ways to hack WhatsApp messages remotely:

1) Reading messages on your mobile phone.

2) Reading messages on your computer.

3) Reading messages via another app.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages on Your Computer

·         WhatsApp Web

The first way to read WhatsApp messages is through WhatsApp itself in the way intended. 

Follow these steps to sync the WhatsApp with your computer:

1. Go to on Google Chrome

2. Open WhatsApp on the target mobile phone

3. Go to Settings

4. Select the WhatsApp Web option

5. Place your smartphone’s camera on the QR code and let it scan the code

6. When the scan is successful, WhatsApp Web will connect automatically, and a tab will open in front of you. Now, the account is ready for you to use.

·         Pairing Account with User’s Mobile Phone

If you are asking how to share the same WhatsApp account on two separate mobile phones, the answer is No! Technically, it is not possible to use the same WhatsApp account on two different mobiles using the app.

This feature could be coming soon, as WhatsApp has now opened up a beta multi-device feature for everyone to try out. You’ll be able to link 4 devices to your WhatsApp account. While this will initially be limited to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, and Portal, the fact that WhatsApp is also working on a logout option offers us hope that we’ll be able to link more phones in the future.

However, there is a very simple workaround to get WhatsApp working on two phones at the same time. The solution is WhatsApp Web, which, while not allowing you to use the WhatsApp app on both phones, does allow you to access the same account from other devices via a browser by following these steps:

1.       Open the Browser on your second phone and head to

2.       Go to Menu/Settings (three dots in the top right corner) and switch over to Desktop View, which will shift you to the page with a QR code.

A Guide on How to Remove the “WhatsApp Web Active” Notification  

·         Disable WhatsApp Web Active notification on Android

If you are an Android smartphone user, turn off the WhatsApp Web Active notification:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your phone.

Step 2: Choose the App Management option in the settings.

Step 3: You’ll see a list of apps to choose from in the app management option. These are the apps that are installed on your smartphone. Select WhatsApp from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: After selecting WhatsApp, tap on the notification settings option.

Step 5: Press on Disable Notifications in the settings.  

·         Turn off WhatsApp Web Active notification for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, turn off the WhatsApp Web Active notification on your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

Step 2: Choose the Notifications option in the main menu.

Step 3: Choose WhatsApp from the apps listed below.

Step 4: Then you can disable the option to allow notifications. As long as you’re using WhatsApp web, you can disable the web login notification.

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