Is It Safe to Factory Reset / Format on Android Device

Hello buddies! As I promised you last time, today I am here with another help article for android users. It is about the “Is It Safe to Format /Factory Reset on android device”. The people who are confused after reading the title of the article, Don’t worry. I am going to start from the very basics.

What is Factory Reset/Hard Reset?

In a nutshell, Factory Reset or Hard Reset means the restoration of the software of your device. Either your smartphone or tablet or any other electronic device. The most important thing you have to remember is, this process deletes all the data including passwords and settings of your device. So, don’t forget to backup your data before going for a Factory Reset.

When can you use Hard Reset?

  • To repair a damaged or malfunctioning device
  • To delete the data before selling the phone
  • If you forgot the screen lock code, pattern, or user code
  • If your phone is frozen
  • Or the device is slower than usual

What is Soft Reset?

This is basically turning off and rebooting the device. You won’t lose your data or device settings. And this is usually the very first step in troubleshooting.

When can you use Soft Reset?

A soft reset is used in troubleshooting minor issues on your device like,

  • Very slow operation
  • Errors in the operating system

The Difference between Soft Reset & Hard Reset

As I have mentioned earlier, the main difference between a soft reset and a hard reset is, Hard reset will delete all the data, passwords, and settings of your device. But the soft reset won’t do such a thing.

Is It Safe to Factory Reset/Format on android device?

The answer is “No”. Hard Reset won’t harm your android device. It is 100% safe. The only thing you have to consider is to backup your device data before performing a hard reset. That’s all!

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