Minecraft Prison Server: Top Five Servers Of 2021

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Minecraft Prison Server: Top Five Servers Of 2021

Many Minecraft servers are full of lag, low-quality builds, or just plain boring. But a few servers are exciting, rewarding, and multiply your gaming experience.  There are hundreds of prison servers available online for you to explore.  The top five people’s most favourite Minecraft Prison Servers are briefed here. Do not fumble and pick any random server without reading its pros and cons. Instead, take your time and choose a cool one for you.

  1. Sky Prison

The number one spot on this public favourite list goes to Sky Prison’s server. The Sky Prison server boasts a serious Minecraft parkour map with plenty of traps and obstacles to defeat. This server could be tons of fun, making your time here worthwhile. It has received serious appreciation from Minecraft fans all around the world.

  • Clever Prison Server

The first recommendation for a great server is the Clever Prison server. The admins on this server are very active and can usually be found within the game to guide you if you get lost. The game itself has a very high-quality feel, with plenty of room to run around and explore. The map itself stays up-to-date by having only one prisoner at a time – so each person gets to enjoy the beautiful design of the game.


MANACURE provides a competitive Minecraft experience, along with its advanced technical features. It’s also clear that the developers have put a lot of work into building this prison. Almost everything is constructed by hand to give it a discrete feeling from the others. As a result, this prison server is unique because of its unique features and gameplay.

  • Over Prison Survival Server

Another great parkour prison server in the game is the Over Prison Survival server. The name of this server tells the story of why this place is so popular. This server has an over-the-top setup to add thrill and adventure to your Minecraft experience.

  • Super Max Prison Server

Anybody looking for classic Minecraft fun should check out the Super Max Prison Server. This simple and fully feature packed beast is a server truly maximizing your fun time on Minecraft.

These are the top five best performing and audience favourite Minecraft Prison Servers with some incredible variety of features and maps for you to explore. So pick any of these you like and start your next level journey of Minecraft today.

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