Ready to Learn More About the Cloud Environment? Start Today by Getting Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification!

In the past years, many businesses decided to switch to cloud technology as it secures a higher level of security and accessibility for its users. Thus, international accreditations like the Certbolt certificate became very popular among professionals who want to learn how to develop critical thinking related to implementing cloud initiatives. 

This certificate is suitable for entry-level specialists who have a minimum of six months of experience using the AWS Cloud environment. Besides, the candidates for this designation should have a good understanding of how basic IT services work and how they can be used in the AWS Cloud platform. Going for the certification, you should also possess knowledge of the core AWS services and the use cases of billing and pricing models. Now that you know more details on the target audience for the certbolt accreditation, you should get clarity on what’s expected from your side.

Main Skills Validated by the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

  • Defining and implementing cloud concepts

The candidates who choose this certification should understand how the AWS Cloud environment is defined and its value proposition. Also, they should be capable of identifying the AWS Cloud economics aspects and explaining the different cloud architecture design principles.

  • Defining the security and compliance model

Another skill validated for this certification is related to defining the AWS shared responsibility model as well as Cloud security and compliance concepts. Besides, the applicants should know how to identify the AWS access management capabilities and resources for security support.

  • Defining technology requirements

It’s essential for anyone applying for the certbolt Certified Cloud Practitioner certification to know how to define the deployment and operation methods in the AWS Cloud. Furthermore, you should be capable of identifying the AWS global infrastructure and core services. Finally, you need to be knowledgeable in the necessary resources to provide technical support.

  • Comparing and contrasting billing and pricing models

A successful candidate for the certification should learn how to compare and contrast different pricing models for the AWS environment. Besides, this certificate requires the candidates to have a good comprehension of various account structures related to AWS billing and pricing models. Finally, the applicants should be experienced in identifying the resources available for billing support.

The Details of the Exam Associated with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner accreditation can be obtained by passing a single exam coded CLF-C01. This is a 90-minute assessment that includes 65 questions. Their format is either multiple-response or multiple-choice. The required passing score for this test is 700 points out of 1000. The candidates can enroll in the evaluation after registering via Pearson VUE and PSI and paying a fee of $100. The applicants can opt for a preferable delivery method: a physical session in a testing center or an online proctored exam.


Getting the certbolt represents the starting point for a career full of opportunities and benefits. It validates that you have foundational expertise in the cloud computing concepts and demonstrates that you are a reliable professional who is passionate about technology. Register for the corresponding exam today and start training to develop the required skills. Good luck!

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