Reset ACME TB714 Basic

Reset ACME TB714 Basic

We give you best instructions to perform hard reset on your ACME TB714 Basic and You can use reset to prevent System errors, system fails, error messages,force stops,Slow reactions and other all System errors. Reset delete your all apps data and device data and default your device. So, first get back up before doing reset.

Step 1,

Switch on your ACME TB714 Basic by pressing power key/button. after switch on go down step 2.

Note – Root your phone

Step 2,

We have a option to get full backup in your phone. and you can get Contacts,Calendar, SMS, Call logs, Photos, Videos, Music, Browser Bookmarks, Album, Audios, Apps data,WiFi passwords, all Files,viber – whatapp message history, and apps setting. to Backup – Click Here

Step 4,

After got Full back up then go to device menu and go to setting.

Step 5.

in the next step, Find “Backup and Reset” and Tap the “Erase everything” and it will start performing reset

After complete, ACME TB714 Basic will automatically switch on .

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Hard Reset will erase all of your app/data. 

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