How to reset Android phone by using PC Software

We dedicated “Hardresetmyphone” site to give instructions about performing reset on Android phone. in this post we try to teach you have to reset your android device  by using PC Software.

why we want to reset our android device with computer? If you have any issue with your android Device. like “phone doesn’t on, touch pad Does not work properly or any kind of resetting error

There are Some of tool give us to chance to reset with one click. one is “alfahd android tool“, another one is, “android multi tool

Android Multi Tools v1.02b
Android Multi Tools v1.02b

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above two software all so can these things..

  •  go to recover
  • go to fastboot
  • go to download mode
  • reboot your device
  • software infor,
  • hardware infor,
  • Check device

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