Slow Internet? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

Slow internet can be such a pain and unfortunately, we have all had our bad days when it has happened. Well, what if we told you that there is an easier fix for your slow internet as opposed to the long wait for customer service to pick up your call? That’s right! There is a way for you to fix your internet connection without having to contact your provider. Of course, this only applies to minor issues. If the issue is bigger, then your provider will naturally have to intervene.

How can you assess whether the issue is a big one or a small one? Well, if you have tried your best in trying to resolve the issue at home and nothing worked, then you should just leave it to the professionals. Whereas, if the issue is a smaller one and is resolved with the tips mentioned here, then that’s that! Now, let’s get on with the article!

Reasons Your Internet is Slow

Ah yes, the million-dollar question. Why is your internet slow? There are multiple reasons why that is so. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Slow Internet Speed

Sometimes, it’s not your internet causing issues rather it is simply that you do not have enough internet speed. Whether you purchased the wrong speed, to begin with, or you now have more people using the same internet connection as you, it is a common issue faced by many. In this case, the only solution is to change your internet plan and upgrade your internet speed.

If you feel like your internet speed was perfectly fine in the beginning but then slowed down despite any changes in your routine or number of devices, here’s what you can do. Run a speed test to see if you are getting the correct speed from your provider. If you see a major difference between the advertised speed and the speed you are getting, you need to change your ISP or place a complaint to your current provider.

Weak Wi-Fi Signals

One reason for slow internet could be weak Wi-Fi signals due to interference or blockers. Some of you might not know but there can be many blockers for Wi-Fi signals. If your router is placed close to an electronic device like a refrigerator, a microwave, or the sort, this can cause interference with the Wi-Fi signals and weaken them. 

Similarly, the wall can act as a blocker or barrier to the Wi-Fi signals and weaken them. This is why you are asked to place the router in a central space and away from any electronic devices. Furthermore, too much distance also weakens the signals.

Data Cap

If you have a plan with a data cap and your internet starts to slow down, chances are that you have exceeded the data limit. Depending on the internet provider that you have signed up with, the internet plan will have a data limit and this will be communicated to you during your purchase. Take the example of Xfinity. All of Xfinity internet plans have a 1.2 TB data cap. While it is difficult that you would ever need that much internet, if you do cross the data limit and you want to be sure, you can simply dial up Xfinity on their customer service number or head out to

Once you have made sure of the reason, you can either upgrade your plan, or you could cut down on something. If the issue is not because of the data cap, then it must be something else.

Congested Network

If there is too much activity being carried out by multiple people at the same time, then your network is most probably congested. To avoid this or resolve this, below are a few things you can do.

  • You can prune your internet connections by loading your router’s web interface and viewing the network map. Here, you will find a list of connected devices and you can block the ones that are not currently in use like an old laptop or an unused phone.
  • You can change the Wi-Fi password and reconnect the devices that you want to stay connected to and leave the rest.
  • You can put visitors on a guest network where you can limit the bandwidth they get to use. 

All Things Considered…

There are many reasons why your internet is slow and we have mentioned only a few of these. So, now, you can try to troubleshoot the internet connection using the tips mentioned here. And if your internet still fails to work, it is most definitely a bigger problem that your provider will have to solve. To inform them, you can just call the customer department. However, chances are that they already know and have sent some professionals to take care of the problem.

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