The 7 best AI tools for turning photos into cartoons

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The 7 best AI tools for turning photos into cartoons

Millions of people around the world now enjoy animated pictures. The trend has now been taken up. Cartooning yourself online for free is quite easy. It is quite a hassle to animate a picture in Photoshop. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top ten AI tools that will transform your photos into cartoons.

Best AI tools for creating cartoons from photos

Following are some of the best working AI based tools in 2022.

1. Befunky

Monthly fee: $8.99; annual fee: $59.88

Using BeFunky, you can edit photos on smartphones and computers. Among the basic editing features are cropping, resizing, and enhancing, as well as AI-powered editing options such as turning your pictures into art pieces or an animation. The Artsy section of the editor contains these option options and provides stunning results. There are third-party stock imagery platforms built into this software, including Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.


  • Beautiful animation effects
  • High processing speed
  • The software comes with a free version


  • The free version has limited editing options
  • Animation effects are lacking
  • Supports only basic editing capabilities


Price: Free and Paid (Plans starts from $4.9 to $14 per month)

Image to cartoon is indeed a remarkable web-based app that helps you cartoon yourself with a few clicks. It is an AI cartoonizer that can be able to convert your face into an anime or cartoon. It converts images in a matter of seconds.

With its latest AI cartoon technology, is far ahead of its competitors. Boost your productivity and creativity with AI Image to Cartoon software.

For more details, see Trendstorys review.

Following are the features Image to cartoon provides to its users:


  • Convert face photo to cartoon, emoji, avatar etc.
  • None of your face photos stored. All images will be cleared within 3 hours
  • Max dimensions allowed is 5000*5000.
  • Feel free to use image to cartoon without any account and payment
  • 24/7 support


  • You can cartoonize only 10/week.

3. Cartoon

Price: Free and Paid (in-app purchases from $1 to $25/item)

As well as having an online editing platform, now offers an app for Android and iOS called ‘Photo Lab Picture Editor’. In addition to creating cartoons and caricatures, you can use cool features such as ‘face morphing’ that works only with portrait photos. In addition, you can also create Snapchat avatars using this tool. The speed of the animation can be adjusted while creating a static or animated avatar. Aside from making some funny edits, you can also create a few other moods with the wide range of face animations.


  • A morphing face feature that is unique
  • Funny animations as well as other moods
  • Avatars can be animated or static for social media profiles


  • Poor output quality
  • Only for making funny edits
  • Photos in the app have ads and watermarks without a subscription

4. ToonApp

The average price of the subscription is $8.96/month.

IOS and Android users can use ToonApp’s cartoon photo editor with a variety of face filters. You can add a variety of effects to your pictures using the AI features. Toonify your images with multiple editing tools using the Caricature Maker.

You can even edit or change the background of your animation and make it move. Additionally, the app has Magic Brush and Selfie Camera Effects, along with an endless array of photo filters.


  • A wide range of animation tools and effects
  • Numerous photo filters
  • Various editing options available


  • Negative reviews of customers
  • Not the best animation results
  • Only three days free trial

5. Colorinch

Monthly price: $3.99 and annual price: 47.88

Cartoonize’s Colorcinch is an online and computer-based photo editor and cartoonizer. You can turn any photo into a cartoon, sketch, or painting by using its hundreds of adjustable filters and cartoonizer effects. The website’s interface is dynamic, allowing you to edit documents with no hassles. When you export your photos, you can achieve a picture-perfect print quality of 400DPI with the help of AI.


  • An attractive and simple interface
  • Easy editing with dozens of options
  • Outstanding export quality


  • The website is slow to load
  • The free version has limited features
  • Free version does not allow exporting of photos

6. SocialBook

With, you can manage influencers and get other free tools like Cartoonizer. The picture is uploaded, and you can choose from two different effects. The results will be ready after a few minutes of processing. There are limited editing options, but you do not need to register to get started. This tool is free to use.


  • Free tool that does not require registration
  • Simple operation
  • Combines cartoonizer with sketchy effect


  • Websites that are slow
  • There are no editing options available
  • The quality of output is low

7. Toongineer Cartoonizer

Pricing: Free and Paid ($9.90/mo for Basic and $29.90/mo for Pro)

A simple click of the mouse allows you to turn any photo into a cartoon using Toongineer Cartoonizer. Millions of cartoons and real-world photos are used to train these algorithms. It performs easy-to-use animations and preserves the natural aspect of the image by employing advanced algorithms. Because this tool is automatic, you don’t need any special skills to use it. At, the mentioned price applies to all of the tools available. This tool cannot be purchased separately.


  • Create realistic and high-quality animated images
  • Complimentary version with 3 credits per month
  • Online tool that is easy to use


  • Free version only allows low-quality usage
  • Processing speed is slow
  • Quite often produces results that look similar

Additionally, VanceAI has released a new AI portrait generator called VansPortrait that lets you turn any photo into anime without having to edit it manually. Using this anime AI generator, you can simply upload your image and get amazing AI portraits.

8. LunaPic

Another free-to-use cartoonizer tool, also features a variety of other cool and useful features. You can directly upload your picture and choose the intensity of the filter before exporting it to create a cartoon. The app also lets users draw or curate different elements, such as watermarks or images with quotes.

The application has a wide range of animation effects, photo adjustments, border frames, and filters. Under different categories, you can also find an Art section that showcases various types of arts.


  • Online tool that is free to use
  • Many helpful features in addition to cartoonizer
  • Photos are processed quickly


  • Cartoonizer has no effects or filters
  • There are a lot of ads on the website
  • Average quality of exports

How can I make a photo into a cartoon using Photoshop?

Following these basic steps will allow you to turn your photos into cartoons if Photoshop is your top choice over AI photo enhancer:

1. Toonify your photo: The first step is to upload your photo.

2. Using the Filter menu in Photoshop, select ‘Convert for Smart Filters’ to convert your photo into a Smart Object. In this way, you can edit non-destructively.

3. Go to Filter > Filter Gallery > Artistic: Poster Edges to apply and adjust the Poster Edges effect. Your photo’s edges can be thickened or intensified and both can be adjusted accordingly.

4. Go to the File menu and select ‘Save As’. There are many formats available for export, so pick one that you prefer.


A technology known as AI Cartoonizers is reshaping the animation industry. Those days are gone when we had to spend hours on photo manipulation to make them look cartoonish. With just a click, you can turn photos or even videos into cartoons.

Various artists worldwide will also be able to perform basic editing using these tools, saving a lot of time, effort, and money. As a result, these tools are absolutely worth a try.

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