The best PC controller for gaming 2022

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The best PC controller for gaming 2022

Unlike the wired controller, the wireless PC controller allows more freedom of movement. Ergonomics, autonomy and compatibility, let’s take a look at the best wireless controllers on the market through three products from Xbox, Logitech and EasySMX.

1. Microsoft Xbox

La manette PC sans fil «officielle» pour Windows

Robust, practical, ergonomic… All positive adjectives are good to describe this wireless Xbox 360 controller. Designed for gamers, this Bluetooth controller is very easy to use and compatible with PC, but also with Xbox One and One S. You can either connect it to your computer via Bluetooth, or use the dongle (small USB key) which allows you to connect up to 8 controllers simultaneously, ideal for parties with friends. In terms of price, this wireless controller is still quite expensive, but you’ll be sure to have no worries about compatibility with Windows games while having very good sensations.


  • Very good game feeling.
  • Possibility to connect up to 8 controllers with the dongle.
  • No battery (controller powered by two AA batteries).


  • A bit expensive.
  • Only compatible with Windows 10.

2. Logitech F710S

The ultra-powerful and ergonomic wireless PC controller

The Logitech F710S wireless controller is the must-have tool for any PC gamer looking to perform. Its ultra-powerful 2.4GHz wireless link prevents disconnection or non-recognition. As for the design of this model, it has been thought out in every detail: ultra-comfortable and non-slip handles, and ergonomics close to PlayStation controllers. This Logitech controller is compatible with all Windows versions since XP. The Logitech F710 S controller is battery operated. A small light comes on when the batteries are nearing the end of their life. To sum up, this wireless PC controller is a well-made product with a very good quality/price ratio.


  • Ergonomics.
  • Great compatibility.
  • Long autonomy (battery operated).
  • Very good quality/price ratio.


  • Keys are a bit soft and lack feedback.
  • Joystick a little too light.

3. EasySMX KC-8236

The wireless PC controller with great autonomy

The EasySMX KC 8236 is based on the design of the Xbox controllers. This wireless controller is compatible with all versions of Windows since XP, as well as with PS3. It is equipped with a lithium battery that lasts up to 8 hours. For the connectivity, it is done by Bluetooth at a speed of 2.4 GHz. In terms of handling, this wireless controller is quite heavy (315 g), but it gives good sensations. Finally, the wireless controller signed EasySMX is equipped with a multitude of small features, such as the double vibration or the turbo mode. All this for a very competitive price.


  • A cheap wireless PC controller.
  • Long battery life (8 h).
  • Ergonomics.


  • A bit difficult to set up under Windows 10.
  • Slight lack of precision with the joysticks.

Technology now allows wireless PC controllers to be as efficient and accurate as wired models. The battery-powered ones can be a bit annoying for very long sessions, or if you forget to charge them. As far as compatibility is concerned, with a recent PC and updated drivers, you will have no problem running your wireless PC controller.

What you need to know about a wireless PC controller:

What is the budget for a wireless PC controller?

The price of a wireless controller will vary between twenty and sixty euros. The explanation for this variation comes first of all from the brand. Windows, because of its reputation and the quality of its products, sets the price very high. Then, the quality of the materials, the design and the work on ergonomics will make the cost go up or down. It is possible to find inexpensive wireless controllers of very good quality, such as models from Logitech or Betterplay.

Which brand to choose for a wireless PC controller?

For wireless controllers, you can turn to “official” brands, such as Microsoft or Sony, which offer models for Xbox and PS4 compatible on PC. Or you can choose a manufacturer more specialized in gaming like MSI, Razer, Logitech or Betterplay.

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