The Essential Android Apps to Writing Your Thesis

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The Essential Android Apps to Writing Your Thesis

Working on the thesis can be an overwhelming experience for all. One requires proper skills and planning to execute a perfect thesis paper. It needs a lot of effort, hard work, and patience as there is no shortcut to complete it. You cannot find easier ways to complete the research, find evidence to support your hypothesis, and confirm the final verdict.

However, there are some tools available on the internet that can ease the process. They will be the best pals during your thesis-writing process. Some of the apps can also save you from spending too much time on other activities – other than your weekend binge-watching sessions of your favorite shows on Spectrum cable of course! With that said, let’s dive in and discover the essential applications to write your thesis.

Research Phase

This is the first phase of working on your dissertation. During this phase, you will be searching for tons of research papers and reading from them. The first step is always difficult and challenging! Therefore, to help you, here are two applications you can use to make this phase easier.

#1. Instapaper

If you are reading a lot from different online sources then, Instapaper is your friend that you shouldn’t avoid. With one click, save your research papers conveniently. What makes it a powerful application is its ability to turn text into an easy-to-read format. You can change the font as per your readability as well. Save your papers for reading them later from your computer, e-reader, smartphone, or tablet.

#2. OneTab

Found yourself in a pool of tabs and now lost the relevant research paper you wanted to open? OneTab is the solution just for you! With one click, the application automatically collapses all of your tabs in a single window. Now everything would be presented in a list format. You can promptly close unwanted tabs from the list and save the important ones.

Drafting Phase

Found enough research papers and are now ready to start working? The thesis requires drafting first! It’s a clutter phase where you jot down all the ideas and hypotheses for your research paper. To help you during this phase, here are some important apps you can rely on.

#1. Evernote

Note-taking habit is essential for a dissertation student. When you start compiling the draft, ideas keep on popping into your mind, helping you in increasing the quality of the research. Evernote comes in handy in this situation. Start brainstorming using the Evernote application and take notes in a different format. Either write it down, or make videos, arrange photos, or attach documents. This app will make your drafting phase easier.

#2. Dragon Anywhere

During this phase, students write a lot. There are complex ideas in mind that they feel necessary to write down for later use. Here comes Dragon Anywhere as a convenient tool. Instead of typing, with this application, you can simply speak to write. When on your phone or computer, the app allows you to convert audio into text format. Now note down your thesis ideas wherever you are by simply speaking to your device.

#3. Offtime

Drafting time is the crucial phase of thesis writing. Therefore, you need undivided attention, commitment, and extra attentiveness. Your smartphone is the biggest distraction in this regard, keeping you posted about different social activities. It leads to a wastage of time and mental efforts. Offtime is a phenomenal app where you can lock your smartphone’s distraction anytime. Simply restrict its functionality, allowing filtered calls and messages on your phone.

Writing Phase

Once you have completed your thesis outline, it’s time to start writing a proper copy of it. It is the final stage of writing a dissertation, where your essential research and drafting are complete. So, here are some useful applications that can improve your thesis writing phase as well.

#1. Grammarly Premium

You need a supervisor and an editor during the writing phase of your thesis. What if you can get both in an advance application? Grammarly professional algorithm becomes a supervisor and an editor for your dissertation. It covers incorrect vocabulary, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, wordiness, inconsistent context, and plagiarism. The software provides useful suggestions to help you make informed decisions and rectify mistakes that can cause a problem later on.

#2. Freemind

During the write-up of a literature review in a thesis, a writer has to deal with tons of theories, numbers, frameworks, and models. Remembering everything isn’t possible and muddled up thoughts only leads to crisis. Get Freemind application to help you out! It is a mind mapping app that visualizes and connects all your raw information for better understanding. With this, you can create editable and visually rich mindmaps to help with your thesis all along.

#3. Mendeley

If you wish for a polished dissertation, then never underestimate the importance of perfectly formatted references and citations. The highest quality research paper loses its credibility the minute its references are not on point. Therefore, get yourself a Mendeley application and save yourself from future embarrassment. Mendeley will help you in getting proper references from different websites, UCI databases, ensure proper citations and bibliographies. The app will also manage all your references and citations alphabetically.

#4. Dropbox

Many times, students lose their hard work due to corrupted files, laptop failure, loss of phone, or other mistakes. It is one of the biggest challenges a student faces where they lose a half-written thesis due to system failure. Dropbox comes as a savior for such situations. It’s an effective tool to store the data and help in successful retrieval from the cloud. Even if you have lost your gadget, your dissertation will remain to save them forever.


Undoubtedly, technology is making life easier for everyone. Even when the academics side lacks technological advancements, these applications can prove as a helpful addition to your life. It is recommended to use the above-mentioned applications and stop going through hell when writing a thesis. You can make your life easier and happier with all these essential applications!

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