The List of Top Educative Applications for Students

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Educative Applications for Students

Thanks to rapid digital improvement, students can benefit from using helpful mobile tools. Today we are far away from times when teachers said, “Take away your calculator!” Luckily, every learner has unlimited access to online platforms that can increase their knowledge. For instance, special web services that provide help for students also contain beneficial information on writing and other studying tips. On the other hand, it is nice to use smartphones with educative applications. So, get acquainted with the most popular mobile tools and take full advantage of them.

1. Photomath

Use this application when you need to solve any mathematical assignment. Just snap a picture from your book and get the correct solution with an explanation. This is more than just a calculator because you can find extended answers on equations, integrals, logarithmic functions, and geometry. Photomath also recognizes written tasks from your workbook and transforms them into an understandable step-by-step response.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is one of the most trustworthy English American dictionaries. Now, using this application, students can test their English language vocabulary and get to know which gaps they should work on. Find out the word’s meaning by exact explanation on each one. Also, you can learn how to spell words correctly with audio pronunciations recorded by native English speakers.

3. Flashcards

Every student should work on memory improvement. Thanks to this application, learners can create quizzes and study any subject with an original approach. Create your own flashcards and spread them by categories such as history, math, geography, or other disciplines. Also, add variants and define the correct answer. Then, you can share it with friends or classmates to improve your knowledge together.

4. ColorNote

When students need to organize their writings, it is better to use a special app. With ColorNote, you can create to-do lists, shopping plans, contacts, and books and keep them in one place. This tool replaces hundreds of sticky notes on your working desk. Just write everything you need to remember and have these texts always in sight.

5. Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator

Adding this tool to your phone, you will forget about pains organizing your PDF documents. Scan your notes, receipts, or anything to turn into PDFs. Open files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud accounts. If you want to benefit from premium functions, join seven days trial period and compress, convert, edit, and combine PDFs in anything you like.

6. ReadEra

If you need a library in your pocket, ReadEra is suitable for you! Read books for free on your phone and find literary sources for your essays. Customize settings for comfortable reading and navigate through any book easily. Get quick access to recently read pages, adjust page margins, and choose convenient screen orientation.

7. Grasshopper: Learn to Code

Programming is an essential skill for every student today. No matter what you study now, your coding skills will play a significant role in any profession. Add Grasshopper to your phone to learn JavScript fundamentals with the gaming approach. Solve visual assignments, write code on your phone, and get real-time feedback. At the end of each session, you memorize what you’ve learned with a knowledge check-up.

8. TED

Enhance your knowledge of any discipline with the best masters in their fields. Join over 3000 lecturers from all over the world to discover new topics and unleash your inspiration. Listen to audio podcasts while you are driving at home or college to spend your time usefully. Moreover, you can learn a new language by watching prominent speeches with dual subtitles.

Thanks to these eight applications on your smartphone, you can level up skills in various studying fields. Just get acquainted with them on your device and see that studying is much easier than you think!

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