TOP P2P Travel Services and Apps to Save

The P2P business model has become one of the most popular ones nowadays. It is simple, fast, and delivers more convenience to the lives of both users and entrepreneurs. A smartphone is needed only to enjoy the multiple benefits of this innovative system, especially if you like traveling a lot.

Even if the title of this business model is not widely known, it is already successfully integrated into lots of services that are familiar to many users worldwide. And this business model is very flexible to apply for different purposes. Now, it is widely used for NFTs, for instance, – this link provides a specific first-hand experience that professional developers share with the users. But, if this model is totally new for you, it is surely better to start with the basics and give some examples of P2P payment solutions that can or are already used to benefit your life.


What is a Peer-to-Peer Business Model

This approach is based on the certain web space that makes the sellers and buyers meet. It perfectly suits small businesses and buyers who want to compare the prices before the purchase to choose the most suitable one. From the technical perspective, a web service and/or mobile payment app are needed only to make things work. Of course, there is no unified app that can be applied in any case. And there is surely no single winning approach how to build a social payment app. This tool should be developed considering the particulars of each concrete case. The examples of services that are based on the P2P business model will illustrate the case. If you are not an active user of such services, it is surely better to look at their advantages and disadvantages first. 

How the P2P Business Model Benefits Travelers

The P2P business model is a very advantageous thing because:

  • All the participants of the marketplace can focus on their primary goals of raising money or making purchases. This business model saves lots of money and time that could be redirected, for instance, to marketing and advertising according to the traditional business model. Many of the costs are reduced thanks to the operation being fully online.
  • The entrepreneurs may easily focus on the needs of customers and carry out the preliminary market research easier. It is possible to develop low-cost business solutions.
  • Customers enjoy greater flexibility in making purchases and pay less compared to traditional ways of making purchases.

Android and iOS apps make all of these benefits open to users. These benefits start especially obvious when users decide to travel. It is possible to choose the most suitable destinations, flights and rental options, sightseeing opportunities, and many other features thanks to having helpful apps on your smartphone only. Choosing the best options becomes possible. A personalized P2P payment app development has ensured these TOP apps that any traveler should have on one’s smartphone.

Travel Apps and Services Based on the P2P Business Model to Save

Wish to have more examples of the best mobile payment apps based on the P2P business model? Save these good suggestions for future reference:

  1. Uber

This is a well-known app that will help to arrange travel over short distances. It can also serve as a perfect option for food and package delivery. The app is fully based on the demand and supply indicators. It provides a flexible space to choose the most suitable offers and save a lot. Customers worldwide enjoy this travel option. Install this P2P app if you also want to have some helpful and reliable travel options at hand always.

  1. BlaBlaCar

This is a tool that many travelers may find extremely helpful. The app is focused on arranging travel both short and long distances. The idea is that a driver who moves according to the specific route covers most of the expenses for the fuel but also gets some compensation from the passengers who travel along with the driver. These passengers travel at lower costs compared to flights and trains, for instance. This app is a good example for those who want to find out how to build a P2P system as it showcases the options, destinations, and routes. The app makes all the nuances clear and convenient for users who can choose the best travel options at lower costs.

  1. Wimdu

This app introduces the opportunities to rent some apartments abroad. Make good deals with this app. It is necessary to pick the location only and get the list of options available at the time. Using this app is much cheaper than staying at a hotel. And it is more comfortable for travelers too.

  1. Spotted by Locals

If you want to find out more about the place where you are going to visit, click this app simply. The locals will share with you travel tips and other information that can help to make your journey interesting. All the useful information is categorized according to the places it is related to. The platform is easy to navigate. And it is totally easy to get lost among all the tips that are worth trying.

  1. 9flats

This is an amazing app that makes homeowners and travelers meet. It enables homeowners to gain extra money. Travelers can stay in more comfortable and cozy conditions too. It’s possible to gain a very pleasant experience of staying at the homes of the locals, find out more about local customs, and taste some good food. If you want to travel with greater comfort and get a receipt for your stay at the same time, this app can serve you well.

  1. EatWith

The app was initially created as an experiment. Its aim was to share the experience of eating local food. Only Barcelona and Tel Aviv were covered initially. Users could go to any of these allocations and try some local food. Later, this platform grew in its popularity as it opened enormous opportunities to try something unusual and get first-hand experience of how the local food tastes. There are also preparatory arrangements that all the participants have to pass to ensure the safety of their next gastronomic experience.

  1. Transferwise

This is an extremely helpful app. All travelers who want to make purchases abroad will definitely find it suitable. It is better than traditional banks as it doesn’t require very high commission rates for transactions. With this app, any traveler can easily make purchases abroad in a local currency. There is no need to go to the bank anymore. You may easily exchange the currency you have in a couple of clicks having your smartphone at hand only. This is a revolutionary and convenient way to transact abroad. 


Final Words

The P2P business model has proven its effectiveness many times. It makes the entrepreneurs and customers meet, saving more time and money. The approach is already successfully integrated into many different apps and services, including those that are suitable for travelers. Of course, there is no single way how to build a peer-to-peer payment app. But, that is surely a thing that works well!

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