What is com huawei systemmanager on my phone?

“Com Huawei Systemmanager” is an integral part of any Huawei smartphone. This pre-installed system app plays a crucial role in managing various aspects of your device, including battery, network, apps, and more. As a user, understanding what com.huawei.systemmanager is and how it functions can significantly enhance your experience of using a Huawei device.

In this comprehensive guide, we aim to shed light on the Huawei System Manager, unravel its features, and help you navigate its usage. Whether you have been using a Huawei device for years or are a new user, this guide will serve as your ultimate Huawei System Manager User Guide. Stick around as we dive deeper into the world of Huawei’s system management.


What is com huawei systemmanager on my phone?

Before delving into the specifics of com huawei systemmanager, there are a few prerequisites to consider. First and foremost, you need to have a working Huawei smartphone. Since com huawei systemmanager is a pre-installed system app, you don’t have to download it separately.

Next, you should have a basic understanding of your phone’s settings. This includes knowledge of how to navigate through different sections of settings, which will be necessary when you’re using the Huawei system manager. A general understanding of app permissions would also be advantageous.

Further, you should be able to locate the com.huawei.systemmanager on your device. You can find it in your phone’s settings under the ‘Apps’ section. If you’re having trouble finding it, refer to your Huawei System Manager User Guide for detailed instructions.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the features of the Huawei System Manager. This can be done by exploring the app on your phone or reading about the features in the user guide. Once you have a clear understanding of these features, you will be able to make more efficient use of this system app.

com huawei systemmanager on my phone

How to use com huawei systemmanager

com huawei systemmanager

Navigating the com.huawei.systemmanager might seem intimidating, but it’s quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. This tool is designed to optimize your device’s performance while ensuring seamless user experience. Let’s delve into how to use the Huawei System Manager effectively.

Ordered Steps:

  1. Locate the System Manager: On your Huawei device, go to the ‘Settings’ menu. Scroll down until you find the ‘Apps’ section. Tap on it and search for ‘com.huawei.systemmanager’.
  2. Understanding the Dashboard: Upon opening the Huawei System Manager, you will see a dashboard displaying various features like battery management, notification management, app lock, and more. Each feature serves a unique purpose in enhancing your device’s performance.
  3. Using Battery Manager: Click on the ‘Battery Manager’ feature. This will show you the battery usage stats for your device. It also offers options for power-saving modes and customizing battery usage for each app.
  4. Managing Notifications: The ‘Notifications Management’ feature allows you to control which apps can send you notifications. This can be used to avoid unnecessary distractions and make the best use of your device.
  5. App Lock: This feature lets you lock specific apps with a password or fingerprint for added security.
  6. Network Management: With this feature, you can control which apps have access to Wi-Fi and mobile data. It’s a great way to manage your data usage.

By understanding and effectively using these Huawei System Manager features, you can optimize your device’s performance and security.

Remember, the com.huawei.systemmanager is designed to enhance your user experience. So, take some time to explore and familiarize yourself with its features. Refer to this Huawei System Manager user guide whenever you need help.

Features of Huawei system manager

com huawei systemmanager

The Huawei System Manager, also known as com.huawei.systemmanager, is a versatile tool that packs an array of features designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of Huawei smartphones. This guide will take you through the key features of the Huawei System Manager and show you how they work.

  1. Battery Manager: The first feature you’ll encounter when using the com.huawei.systemmanager is the Battery Manager. This tool provides insights into your battery usage and offers options for power-saving modes. It also lets you manage apps that are running in the background and consuming battery power.
  2. Network Manager: This feature allows you to manage your device’s network settings. It helps control data usage and provides alerts when you’re nearing your data limit.
  3. App Manager: The App Manager in the Huawei System Manager is an essential feature that lets you handle all the apps installed on your device. You can view app information, uninstall apps, and manage app permissions with ease.
  4. Notification Manager: This feature manages how notifications appear on your device. You have the freedom to customize app notification behavior to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  5. Storage Cleaner: The Storage Cleaner is an efficient tool that helps you free up storage space on your device by clearing redundant files, cache, and junk files.
  6. Virus Scan: The Huawei System Manager also features a Virus Scan option to ensure your device stays safe from potential threats. It scans your device for malware and provides solutions if any threats are detected.

In this Huawei System Manager User Guide, you’ll learn how to use these features to optimize your device’s performance and maintain its health. Stay tuned as we delve into the specifics of each feature.

Guide to using Huawei system manager features

Navigating through the Huawei System Manager’s features can seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how beneficial it is. The com huawei systemmanager is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your smartphone experience by offering a host of features that ensure optimal device performance. This section will guide you on how to use these features effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Accessing the Huawei System Manager: The first step is to locate com.huawei.systemmanager on your device. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your Huawei phone and scroll down until you find ‘System & updates’. Tap on it, and you will see ‘System Manager’.
  2. Battery Manager: Under the Huawei System Manager, you’ll find the ‘Battery’ option. Here, you can monitor your battery usage, set power-saving modes, and optimize battery performance.
  3. Storage Cleaner: This feature allows you to clean up unnecessary data and free up storage space on your phone. You can access this feature by selecting ‘Storage cleaner’ under the System Manager.
  4. Virus Scan: With the com.huawei.systemmanager, you can perform a comprehensive virus scan on your device. This feature can be found under ‘Virus scan’.
  5. Networked Apps: This feature allows you to control which apps can access your network. You can find this option under ‘Networked apps’.
  6. Notification Manager: Here, you can manage your app notifications. It allows you to decide which apps can send you notifications and which cannot.
  7. Startup Manager: The Huawei System Manager also allows you to control which apps run at startup, helping you optimize your phone’s performance.

By using these features correctly, you can ensure that your phone runs smoothly and efficiently. This is how you can effectively use the com.huawei.systemmanager on your Huawei device. Continue reading for more tips, warnings, and troubleshooting advice on the Huawei System Manager.

What is com huawei systemmanager on my phone?

What are the permissions granted to com.huawei.systemmanager?

As we proceed further into our comprehensive Huawei System Manager User Guide, it’s crucial to understand the permissions granted to com.huawei.systemmanager. Having an understanding of these permissions will help you comprehend how the Huawei System Manager operates and manages your device.

Com Huawei Systemmanager, being the heart of the Huawei phones, is granted a wide range of permissions. These permissions allow it to access and control various aspects of your device to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Here are the permissions typically used by com.huawei.systemmanager:

  1. Access to Device & App History: This allows the Huawei System Manager to collect data about your device and how you use your apps. This data is used to optimize your device’s performance.
  2. Cellular Data Settings: With this permission, the System Manager can manage your cellular data usage and settings.
  3. Identity: This permission allows the System Manager to manage your device’s accounts and profiles.
  4. Contacts/Calendar: This allows the System Manager to read, modify, or delete your contact and calendar data.
  5. Location: The System Manager can determine your device’s location using GPS or network sources.
  6. SMS: This permission allows the system manager to read, receive, and send SMS messages.
  7. Photos/Media/Files: The System Manager can access and modify or delete the contents of your USB storage or SD card.
  8. Camera/Microphone: With this permission, the System Manager can access your device’s camera and microphone.
  9. Wi-Fi Connection Information: This allows the System Manager to view your Wi-Fi connections.
  10. Device ID & Call Information: The Huawei System Manager can access your device IDs, call information, and the status of any ongoing calls.

These permissions are what enable the Huawei System Manager features to manage and optimize your device effectively. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into how these permissions contribute to the functionality of the Huawei System Manager.

Is com.huawei.systemmanager safe?

What is com huawei systemmanager on my phone?

As a Huawei smartphone user, you might have come across “com.huawei.systemmanager” in your device settings or while managing applications. This integral system app, also known as the Huawei System Manager, is designed to optimize system processes, manage battery life, and maintain the overall performance of your device. But is com.huawei.systemmanager safe? The short answer is yes. This guide will delve deeper into the safety and functionality of this in-built application and why it’s an essential component of your Huawei device.


  1. Understanding Com Huawei Systemmanager: When you use a Huawei device, the com.huawei.systemmanager operates in the background to ensure optimal performance. It regulates everything from battery usage to network management to notifications.
  2. Safety of Com Huawei Systemmanager: Since this is a system application developed and installed by Huawei, it’s safe and integral for the smooth functioning of your device. It doesn’t pose any security risk.
  3. Features of Huawei System Manager: The Huawei System Manager comes packed with a host of features intended to enhance user experience. These include battery management, network management, notification regulation, and more.
  4. Using the Huawei System Manager: To leverage the benefits of the Huawei System Manager, users need to understand how to navigate its features. Open the system manager via your device settings and explore the various options available.
  5. Huawei System Manager User Guide: For more detailed instructions on how to use the system manager, consult the user guide provided by Huawei. It offers in-depth insights into each feature and how you can use it to optimize your device usage.

Remember, the com huawei systemmanager is an integral part of your device that helps maintain its optimal performance. Disabling or uninstalling it can lead to irregularities in device performance.

Should I uninstall com.huawei.systemmanager?

Before we answer the question, “Should I uninstall com.huawei.systemmanager?”, it’s crucial to understand the role it plays in your Huawei device. The com huawei systemmanager is a native application that is responsible for managing various system tasks. This includes overseeing and optimizing battery usage, handling notifications, managing background processes, and more. Essentially, it ensures your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re considering uninstalling it due to concerns about space or performance, you might want to reconsider. Since it’s a system app, it’s designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive. Furthermore, it has several features that are vital for maintaining the optimal performance of your device. If you’ve used com.huawei.systemmanager before, you’d know how valuable it is in managing your device’s resources.

In our Huawei system manager user guide, we will explore these features in detail, helping you make the most of your device. So, before you decide to get rid of the Huawei system manager, let us first understand it better.

Tips and Warnings

com huawei systemmanager
  1. Understand the Importance of com huawei systemmanager: This system application is essential for the smooth functioning of your Huawei device. It manages a range of system aspects like battery life, network usage, app management, and more. Therefore, it’s not recommended to uninstall or disable it without a proper understanding of its function.
  2. Use Huawei System Manager: Make the best use of the Huawei System Manager by familiarizing yourself with its features. It not only helps manage your device but also ensures optimal performance.
  3. Don’t Ignore Huawei System Manager Features: The features offered by the Huawei system manager are quite extensive and beneficial. They assist in managing battery life, controlling app permissions, handling notifications, and more. Make sure to explore these features for efficient device management.
  4. Consult the Huawei System Manager User Guide: If you’re unsure how to navigate or make the most of the system manager, refer to the Huawei System Manager User Guide. It provides a detailed explanation of the app’s functionality and usage.
  5. Warning about Uninstalling System Apps: Uninstalling or disabling system apps like com.huawei.systemmanager can lead to instability or malfunctioning of your device. Always consult an expert or refer to a trusted guide before making such decisions.
  6. Use Authentic Sources: If you need to reinstall or update the Huawei system manager, always use trusted sources. Downloading system apps from unverified sources can potentially harm your device.


In conclusion, the com huawei systemmanager is a fundamental component of Huawei devices that aids in managing and optimizing various device functions. The ability to understand and navigate this system manager is crucial for an enhanced user experience. While it might seem technical and intricate at first glance, familiarity with the Huawei system manager features can make your device usage significantly smoother and more efficient. Remember, the decision to uninstall or disable it should be taken with caution, as it could impact your device’s performance. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of com.huawei.systemmanager and its importance on your Huawei device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete system apps?

Yes, you can delete some system apps from your device. However, it’s important to note that these apps often provide essential system functionality. In the case of “com.huawei.systemmanager”, removing it might affect your phone’s performance or cause certain features to stop working.

How do I uninstall System Manager?

Typically, pre-installed system apps like “com.huawei.systemmanager” cannot be uninstalled. However, you can disable it in the settings. Keep in mind that doing so might impact your device’s performance.

Is Huawei maintenance mode safe?

Yes, Huawei maintenance mode is safe to use. It’s a feature designed to help you manage and optimize your device’s performance. However, it should be used correctly, following the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid any potential issues.

How do I find my system manager?

You can find the System Manager in your Huawei device’s settings. Navigate to “Settings”, then scroll down to the “System & updates” section. Here, you will find “System Manager”.

Can I uninstall or disable “com.huawei.systemmanager” if I don’t use it?

While you can’t uninstall “com.huawei.systemmanager”, you can disable it. However, doing so might affect your device’s functionality and performance, as the app is responsible for managing several system tasks.

Is “com.huawei.systemmanager” responsible for managing battery life on my Huawei device?

Yes, “com.huawei.systemmanager” plays a significant role in managing battery life on your Huawei device. It optimizes battery usage by controlling how apps run and managing background processes.

How does “com.huawei.systemmanager” handle notifications and background processes on my device?

“Com.huawei.systemmanager” manages notifications by allowing you to customize which apps can send notifications. It also optimizes background processes to ensure your device runs smoothly and efficiently. By managing these aspects, it helps in prolonging battery life and improving device performance.

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