What’s New in ISPmanager: The Latest Features in 2023

This article is aimed at individuals interested in the latest enhancements and versatile functionalities now available in ISPmanager. Prepare to be captivated as we introduce you to cutting-edge innovations that grant you unparalleled command over your websites, servers, and domains.

From uninterrupted automation to state-of-the-art security upgrades, this enlightening article will immerse you in a realm of efficiency and convenience. Our comprehensive overview of ISPmanager’s latest flexible features will empower you to conquer the digital landscape like never before, whether you’re an experienced developer or an aspiring entrepreneur.

Regular dashboard updates, brimming with exciting new features, bug fixes, and essential security enhancements, have become common knowledge. If you’re new to this robust server control panel, a wealth of information awaits you on the ISPmanager website. We’ll delve into the remarkable additions found in ISPmanager 6.76.2, aimed at elevating your web hosting quality and keeping you at the forefront of web management technologies.

  1. New Features of ISPmanager in 2023

Docker Support

The ISPmanager Control Panel now offers Docker support, exclusively available for Pro and Host users. This feature enables users to effortlessly deploy and manage Docker containers within their hosting environment. But what is Docker, you may wonder? Docker is a widely adopted platform for developing, delivering, and running applications within containers that provide an isolated and consistent environment. With this new feature, users can harness the power of containerization to simplify application deployment, enhance scalability, and optimize resource utilization.

RHEL 8 OS Support

The Commercial Server Control Panel now extends its support to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 operating system. This means users can run their hosting environment on the latest version of RHEL, reaping the benefits of improved security, performance, and stability. RHEL 8 introduces several innovative features, such as the concept of application streams, allowing users to access multiple package versions without altering the core components of the operating system.

Notification System

The Linux Control Panel incorporates a built-in notification system to enhance interaction and streamline server management. This feature empowers system administrators and web hosting providers to configure email notifications for various events, including system updates, resource usage alerts, user actions, and more.

Rocky Linux 8 Support

In addition to RHEL 8 support, the Linux-based control panel now offers compatibility with Rocky Linux 8. Rocky Linux is a community-driven enterprise operating system designed as a successor to RHEL following its transition to CentOS Stream. By providing support for Rocky Linux 8, ISPmanager grants users the choice of different Linux distributions that suit their specific hosting requirements.

WireGuard Support

The web hosting control panel now features built-in support for WireGuard, a modern and efficient VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution. WireGuard offers a secure and straightforward way to establish encrypted point-to-point connections, enhancing data privacy and network security. Consequently, users can easily configure WireGuard VPN connections and manage them directly from the control panel interface.

Python Support

The latest version of ISPmanager introduces native support for Python, a versatile and widely-used programming language. Python support allows users to run Python-based applications and scripts directly within their hosting environment, proving especially valuable to developers relying on Python for web applications, automation scripts, data analysis tools, and more.

File Manager Enhancements

Have you longed for the ability to preview non-text files like images and PDF documents within the file manager? Well, now you have it! The Control Panel expands the file manager’s capabilities by enabling users to view the contents of non-text files without downloading or opening them in external applications, saving time and simplifying file management.

  1. Upcoming Features

Website Transfer

The commercial dashboard will soon introduce a valuable feature allowing administrators to transfer websites between different users on a hosting platform. This functionality will streamline ownership or management transfers of websites between user accounts, empowering administrators to manage user accounts, change website ownership, and reallocate resources as needed, ensuring a seamless transition for users and their websites.

Alma Linux 9 Support

Alma Linux, an open-source community-managed Linux distribution replacing CentOS, maintains binary compatibility with its upstream RHEL distribution. The control panel will soon offer users the capability to deploy services on a modern and reliable operating system.

Rocky Linux 9 Support

ISPmanager plans to expand its compatibility with Rocky Linux 9, alongside Alma Linux 9. By accommodating Rocky Linux 9, the control panel caters to users’ preferences and allows them to select the OS best suited for their hosting needs.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Control Panel intends to implement a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to fortify website and server security against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks pose a significant threat to online services, and the integrated WAF will filter and block malicious traffic aimed at web applications. With the built-in WAF, ISPmanager users can safeguard their websites, enhance uptime and availability, and protect sensitive data from potential harm.

  1. In Conclusion

ISPmanager, a popular Linux control panel, empowers system administrators and web hosting providers with a user-friendly graphical interface to manage various server aspects. The stable version, 6.76.2, boasts numerous flexible features that surpass its predecessors.

It’s worth noting that the specific functionalities available in the Linux-based ISPmanager control panel depend on the version and any additional add-ons or plugins installed. For a comprehensive understanding of the latest version’s capabilities, refer to official documentation or reach out to the supplier for invaluable sources of information. Embrace the future of web hosting with ISPmanager’s evolving capabilities.

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