Why Do You Need to Take a Break from Working with a Computer or Phone

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Why Do You Need to Take a Break from Working with a Computer or Phone

Students are becoming more dependent on technology to complete their assignments. As a student, you spend a lot of time in front of the screen while writing dissertations or preparing reports. However, getting hooked to the screen for long hours without taking a break might affect your health in the long run. 

Using internet technology for studies and conducting research can be helpful as you get a lot of helpful information for your research paper writing, dissertations and reports. But you must control technology and ensure your screen time is limited to avoid negative consequences.

Prevents vision loss 

If you work continuously by looking at the screen, you are responsible for facing eye discomfort and vision problems. These problems increase as you sit in front of your laptop or use your phone for an extended period. Extended hours on the screen without taking a break can hurt your eyes, causing major vision problems. 

Having less eye movement while viewing the screen is a big cause of developing vision problems at a young age. To avoid falling for such problems, you must ensure that your laptop or phone device is not too close to your eyes and that your study space has adequate lighting set up as it reduces developing eye strain.

During your college years, you must take good care of your eyes and avoid any stress that adversely affects your health. You must study without using any technological device like a computer, phone or iPad. Focus on your health and use help platforms to get your work done. Expert essay writers are ready to help write dissertations or prepare research papers. You can share your workload with an essay helper from EduBirdie. Let expert writers work for you to help you get a good screen time break.

Improves sleep cycle

When you work at a stretch, your eyes glued to the laptop screen make it difficult to sleep at night as your mind gets so stressed after long hours of screen time. Working for long hours by sitting in front of the screen without any break can make you sleep deprived. Your mind does not unwind easily, making it difficult for you to have a sound sleep.

You must take breaks while working on a stretch by going for a walk in the evening or taking a short nap in the afternoon. A small break from the screen can do wonders for your health as it refreshes your mind, and you can work again with better energy. 

It affects your overall productivity and learning ability

Repeatedly checking your phone for emails or messages while studying hampers your productivity, and will not be able to focus on your work. It is not a good practice to go back and forth to check your calls or messages. It causes distraction in studies and affects your ability to concentrate on your studies. 

You must set a fixed time for checking calls and receiving messages to enhance your productivity. You may also make time with your friends and family to do phone chats or enjoy a family video call after finishing your studies. This way, you can balance your screen time and get a good break after finishing schoolwork.

Follow your passion

Too much screen can eat away your quality time when you could do something you love. Following your passion can help you to build a promising career by offering specialized services. 

You must control your screen time and utilize your free time to find ways to upgrade the skills. It will help you grow in the future. You can practice art like painting, dancing, making music, or reading to enhance your knowledge. It will also make you active and experience a sense of achievement. 

It helps you to connect

When you take a break from your computer or smartphone, you get enough time to step out for a long walk, connect with neighbors, sit quietly, and enjoy being close to nature. You can utilize your free time to sit and enjoy family time with your loved ones.

Spending time on social media keeps you glued to your smartphone or screen, which is not an ideal way to kill time. Going out to meet your old pal or relative is a better way to socialize and make deep connections.


Getting your eyes off any tech device like a computer or smartphone will help you to make the best use of great opportunities that go unnoticed when you are busy looking at the screen. Find time for yourself and take frequent breaks by unplugging from the screen often. With the controlled use of a laptop or phone, you can grow and learn better. 

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