Why It Is Important To Write Essays and Not Buying Essays

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The benefits of writing essays go beyond the simple completion of a class assignment for a grade. Some students may struggle with these types of assignments, not understand why they are asked to complete them, and try to find a way to buy essay online and in such a way see the example of a perfectly written paper and improve their writing and formatting. However, essays are an excellent way for students to learn important skills that can be transferred to other aspects of their life beyond academia and we will try to explain to you why it is important to write essays.

The first way that essay writing demonstrates importance is through the necessary process of research. Particularly in college settings, one might find they are tasked with writing an essay about something that they are not an expert in. There is a fairly standard writing process that students learn, whereby they are given a broad topic to write an essay on, brainstorm ideas for a unique angle on the topic, find and synthesize sources on their angle, interpret those sources in their own words, and then write an original essay demonstrating everything that they’ve learned. V. Chandra Rao and V. Satya Sri Durgawrite about this process as a way in which students can gain “control of variables” in a manner that can improve cognition (4). By controlling the variables, i.e., the individual pieces of research and their interpretations, the writer of an essay develops synthesis skills that will be useful in all manners of context, including writing for other courses, writing in the workplace, or creative writing for personal projects.

After gathering sources, the second way that essay writing demonstrates importance is that it necessitates that students develop and perfect their critical thinking skills. Essay writing requires a synthesis of other pieces of media, like articles, social media, books, films, interviews, etc. An essay should rely on reputable sources only, and so the writer is tasked with analyzing each source and searching for bias. In an article for The Teacher, researchers Gamze Cavdar and Sue Doe note the role that critical thinking plays in the drafting of essays: instead of simply reciting the knowledge that was acquired during the research phase, students must interpret, rephrase, and relay that information in a manner that their audience will understand (299). This is a useful tool to add to any student’s skillset, and can translate into other areas, not just within their academic life, but also their personal and professional as well.

The reason explored here, then, relates to this ability to use essay-writing skills in other aspects: learning to plan and structure essays can translate into the writing and planning of other genres for life beyond school. When planning an essay the writer must think about audience, style, tone, and requirements for the genre. For example, an English 101 course at a university might require an essay written in MLA format about the writer’s personal hero, to be read only by other classmates and the instructor; the way that an essay with these requirements would be written would certainly differ greatly from an assignment from a higher-level English course that required the writer to submit an essay to a literature conference that was to be read by a panel of judges. Learning to write with different variables for different settings, but still within the supportive context of a classroom, enables students to hone their interpretation skills and master distinct genres.

In summation, the benefits of essay writing far surpass the simple objective of completing an assignment. Research and critical thinking skills, both a large part of any academic discipline, are required for any essay to begin and to begin translating knowledge. common. The skills developed in essay writing can be applied to life beyond the classroom and are invaluable assets.

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