Why Video Is A Crucial Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know about 63% of the world’s population is using the internet? Social media alone has about a 4.48billion users worldwide. You have a great chance to promote your brand through a blog, email marketing, social media posting, and video marketing.

Many people who are coming to the internet love watching videos online. Over 3 billion internet visitors are consuming online video content. Videos are effective marketing tools to enhance brand awareness and generate quality leads and sales.

Today, many buyers would want to watch your brand video before buying. You will also build more trust with customers when you post brand videos. When buyers trust your products and services, you get more buyers through referrals, and your business grows.

Read on to know more about the multiple benefits of integrating video content into your digital marketing campaigns.

Reason Why You Should Use Video Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Videos Enhance SEO

Your online visibility matters a lot when promoting brand awareness and sales. Today, search engines like Google rank videos. If your site ranks better, your brand becomes popular, and you get qualified leads, increasing your sales volume.

While videos are good for SEO, you should create quality content. A well-edited and optimized video content will propel your site to the top search engine ranking page. Creating and editing your videos has become seamless today.

You can use a smartphone to record video footage, and then use a video editing tool to streamline your content. You should give your video a title. Adding keywords to your video title will also be ideal for search engines to find and rank your video.

Video Content Increases Conversion Rates

You will engage your audience more using videos than text messages. A video can show how your product works, which motivates your potential buyers. When you add a product video to your landing page, you raise conversion by about 80%.

You will have more subscribers to your media accounts when you post engaging content. More subscribers mean more customers who want to learn about your brand. You can be sure to get more buyers from your social media subscribers.

Many buyers would love to see how your products or services work. You will win such buyers by posting how- to- videos to empower them with basic knowledge about your products or services. About 74% of buyers will make a buying decision after watching a how-to video.

Videos Build Customer Trust

Customers will buy depending on how they trust your brand. Today, many people will search for their favorite brands online and buy without visiting a physical store. So, you need to demonstrate to such a buyer that your brand will work for them. And the best way to achieve that is through a video.

Videos are more convincing than text messages. Your potential buyers will interact with your brand well through a video, creating a good relationship. You may choose to create testimonial videos as an assurance about your products and services.

Buyers will believe more in what you offer when they see testimonies of satisfied customers. Make sure you provide real testimonial videos from your loyal customers. Begin by getting clips from loyal buyers. Then, edit those clips to create a flowing video that tells how your brand helps those who use it.

Videos Appeal More to Smartphone Users

Many internet users use handheld devices to get news, make inquiries, and shop. Mobile video views are on the rise. With the rise of mobile apps, watching and sharing videos is becoming easy. Therefore, you will reach many potential buyers by optimizing your videos for mobile devices.

Buyers will interact with brand videos anytime, anywhere. Even on the go, your audience can watch your videos through smartphones. However, you should create quality videos that touch on customer experience to attract viewers.

Videos are More Captivating

Your potential buyers could be busy and have no time to read a long text. That’s why you should offer attention-capturing and easy-to-consume content. Videos will excite your audience more than text. In addition, you can capture and retain your audience’s attention faster using a video.

A human’s visual ability is remarkable. Your viewers will process a video faster compared to text. Audiences retain about 95% of the message when they watch a video. And that’s why you need to incorporate videos into your digital marketing plan.

Videos are Easy to Share

Your audience can help to spread your brand content through sharing. A social video enjoys 1200% more shares than an image and text combined. Posting your video on LinkedIn will be shared 20 times more than the other content formats.

Videos entertain more and provide practical value, which makes them popular. Viewers who find valuable and exciting video content share it with friends, relatives, and social media communities. Your brand video can go viral and quickly make your products and services popular.

Keep in mind that quality matters when it comes to creating videos. Without quality and value, no one will watch or share your video. You should pay much attention to editing to create quality videos.

Make sure you gather quality footage, then cut and remove unnecessary parts from your clips. The editing process is seamless today. You only need an online video editor to put your clips together into a great promotional or educational video.

Videos Bring Higher ROI

Marketing comes with a cost. You should use a marketing channel that reaches a broader target audience at a lower price. When you spend less and drive more sales through your campaigns, you get good returns on your investment.

You won’t need a huge budget to create videos. You can shoot decent videos and showcase your brand if you have a smartphone. You can get online video editing tools at an affordable cost for post-production.

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be perfect; its quality content and value matter. However, avoid shooting and just posting. You need to edit and organize your clips into valuable videos properly. Make sure you produce a quality video when seeking to entrench a unique brand proposition in marketing.

Videos have greater power to reach a wider audience. You can generate quality leads by getting billions of views online with brand content. The more audience you reach and convert, the more sales and revenue you get.

Videos Enhance Greater Brand Awareness

You can trust videos to increase brand awareness. Chances are, you have potential buyers who have never heard about your brand. Such buyers may not spend much time reading your content in text form. However, you can grab their attention with an eye-catching video to engage with your brand content.

You can place a video on your business website where many people can see it. Keep your video short. The first few seconds of your video should also be interesting to keep the viewers interested.

You can promise a story at the start of your video to grab viewers’ attention. Telling your audience what to do at the video’s beginning can also be eye-catching. Many viewers will click through your site and follow your social accounts to get more about your brand when you have a quality video.

Video Content is Easier to Consume

Videos offer better tutorials. Your buyers may not love reading a manual, which is time-consuming. Many digital-savvy consumers prefer tutorial videos to paper manuals. That’s why you should create and post videos that are easy to consume and implement.

Modern buyers love a simplified version of the content. You can use video tutorials to demonstrate how to assemble and use your complex products.

Make sure you gather frequently asked questions about your products and service and then create an easy-to-follow tutorial for your customers.

Creating a knowledge base video will also help your buyers offer themselves self-service.

To Sum Up

Adding videos to your digital marketing plan will be a game changer. Videos have a special place in the heart of buyers. Someone will buy what you offer by watching a video of the products or services.

You can create videos to promote your brand even with a limited budget. Record clips using your smartphone and edit using the free online video editing tools to streamline your content. You will get a greater ROI through video marketing. Videos reach a broader audience and are easy to consume.

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