Why you should choose oilcloth tablecloth instead of PVC tablecloth

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Why you should choose oilcloth tablecloth instead of PVC tablecloth

PVC tablecloth is often found in homes where it is necessary to provide extra protection for the kitchen table. For example, crafty people, people with kids, and people who like to protect their table from food or drink stains often use an extra layer of plastic table cloth. Plastic is easy to wipe clean and does not need to be laundered. 

The most common form of table protection is the PVC tablecloth, but did you know that there is a better option? Oilcloth tablecloth is gaining more and more popularity for its protective and aesthetic features. Read about the differences between PVC tablecloth and oilcloth and why oilcloth is so popular in this article.

Oilcloth tablecloth

Oilcloth is something that you may have heard of before, or seen in another form. Oilcloth is made of fabric. Usually this is woven cotton. The cotton is treated with a layer of polyvinyl chloride, which is a synthetic polymer of plastic. It is the third most produced polymer of plastic in the world. 

This layer of polyvinyl chloride makes the oilcloth water and stain proof, but the cloth will still be very foldable, unlike PVC, which can sometimes be hard to fold. Oilcloth can be easily wiped clean with just a damp towel and will optimally protect your furniture. This material is also used as reusable food wraps, which is a sustainable solution to single use plastic bags and foil. 

Now that oilcloth has grown so much in popularity, you’ll be able to choose out of limitless prints and sizes. Choose a bold print to brighten up your kitchen, or go for a single color oilcloth to keep the aesthetic value of the room intact. You’ll find countless options on Wachstuchshop24.

Differences between PVC and oilcloth tablecloths

PVC tablecloth is one of the most common forms of table protection in households. It comes in a clear version, or can be ordered with a print. PVC is a very stiff material and can be hard to fold. This makes it hard to fold and store the PVC neatly. PVC cloth also does not fall nicely around the corners of the table like other foldable materials. 

Oilcloth, however, provides waterproof protection and is more flattering to the table. The material is soft and foldable like a regular piece of fabric, which makes it easy to just wipe down, let dry and fold it neatly in the desired size. Because the cloth is not rigid, it falls naturally around the table’s corners. 

PVC and oilcloth can be easily distinguished by looking at the button of the fabric. Do you see a flat surface, made completely out of vinyl? Then it is probably PVC tablecloth. Oilcloth can be distinguished because of the woven material. When looking at the bottom of the material, you’ll clearly see the pattern of the woven fabric. 

Which one is better: PVC or oilcloth?

PVC and oilcloth both are 100% waterproof and stain proof. Choosing either of these materials will optimally protect your table. However, if you would like your table to look neat and to be comfortable to sit around, oilcloth is the better option. PVC does not fold neatly around the edges of the table, and can therefore make it difficult to sit comfortably close to the table. 

Oilcloth is just as easily wiped down, does not need to be laundered and can be folded easily into any size, making it great easy to put away in a drawer or cupboard. Oilcloth is both a protective and aesthetic tablecloth for your table. 

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